Da Productz – Lavish Life Styles


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1 Skit – The Hater 00:40
Featuring – Knucklehead, Deffa Heffa
2 Light Green 04:22
Featuring – C&H, Poppa LQ
3 Tru Playas 03:48
Featuring – Daddy D
4 Turn You On 04:08
Featuring – Danesha
5 Fake Bitches 05:08
6 It’s About The Money 03:33
7 Lavish Lifestyles 04:11
Featuring – Numskull
8 Da Answering (Skit) 01:35
Featuring – Bennie “Pops” James, Black Diamond, Deco-D, Deffa Heffa
9 Funk All Nite 04:35
Featuring – DBD
10 All I See 04:48
Featuring – Dru Down, Loose Cannons
11 Feels Like 04:34
12 Who Can I Trust 04:34
13 Whey They Hate Us 04:42
Featuring – Knucklehead


“Lavish Life Styles” is the only studio album by the rap group Da Productz, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on November 24, 1998, by C-Note Records, this album features a blend of gangsta and G-funk hip-hop styles. The album features collaborations with Knucklehead, Poppa LQ, Dru Down, and other talented artists, adding depth and variety to the album’s sound.

The 13-track album begins with a skit titled “The Hater,” followed by “Light Green,” “Tru Playas,” “Turn You On,” and “Fake Bitches.” Each track showcases the group’s unique style, blending catchy hooks with hard-hitting beats and powerful lyrics. Further into the album, listeners will find tracks such as “It’s About The Money,” “Lavish Lifestyles,” “Da Answering (Skit),” and “Funk All Nite.” The album continues with “All I See,” “Feels Like,” “Who Can I Trust,” and “Whey They Hate Us,” concluding with an impressive lineup of songs that demonstrate the group’s versatility and talent.

Despite being their only studio album, “Lavish Life Styles” serves as a testament to Da Productz’s potential as a rap group. Their collaboration with various artists and producers, such as Bosko, Keytek, and Lev Berlak, adds an extra layer of depth to the album, showcasing different aspects of their sound and creative vision.

Overall, “Lavish Life Styles” is a solid representation of late ’90s hip-hop and a valuable addition to any hip-hop enthusiast’s collection. This album captures the essence of Oakland’s rap scene during that time and remains an influential piece of work that has left its mark on the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape.



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