Da’ Park Productions – Make Room


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1 Bee-Upone Make Room (Video Version) 05:15
2 Criminal Park One Body 04:12
3 Bee-Upone Got It Lokt Down 03:12
4 Criminal Park Read Between The Lines 03:41
5 Bee-Upone For This “B” The Season 04:00
6 Criminal Park, Bee-Upone I Wonder Why 04:57
7 Criminal Park Eye Witness 03:40
8 Street Wise What We Made Of 04:07
9 Criminal Park Mama Please 04:04
10 Bee-Upone Heaven In The Neighbourhood 03:20
11 Bee-Upone Let It Ride 03:20
12 Criminal Park Breaker One Nine 04:29
13 Bee-Upone, Criminal Park Another Day Is Comin 04:33
14 Bee-Upone, Criminal Park Make Room (Explicit Version) 06:30
15 Unknown Artist Hidden Track 04:30
16 Unknown Artist Hidden Track 04:11


“Make Room” is an extremely rare compilation album by Da’ Park Productions, hailing from Inglewood, California. Released in 1997 by Da’ Park Productions and Kles Entertainment, this album showcases a collection of raw and authentic hip-hop tracks that embody the essence of the gangsta rap subgenre.

Featuring a mix of artists like Bee-Upone and Criminal Park, “Make Room” offers a diverse range of tracks that provide insight into the Inglewood hip-hop scene during the late 1990s. With 16 tracks, the album takes the listener on a journey through the gritty streets of Inglewood, exploring themes of street life, perseverance, and self-reflection.

The compilation opens with the video version of “Make Room” by Bee-Upone, setting the tone for the rest of the album. Tracks like “One Body” by Criminal Park and “Got It Lokt Down” by Bee-Upone showcase the raw talent and lyrical prowess of these Inglewood artists.

“Read Between The Lines” by Criminal Park and “For This ‘B’ The Season” by Bee-Upone dive deeper into the realities of street life and the experiences of the artists. The collaborative track “I Wonder Why” features both Bee-Upone and Criminal Park, demonstrating the strong connection and chemistry between the two.

The album continues to explore themes of resilience and introspection with tracks like “Eye Witness” by Criminal Park and “What We Made Of” by Street Wise, written by Kamoshon and Tiny Tunes. “Mama Please” by Criminal Park and “Heaven In The Neighbourhood” by Bee-Upone offer heartfelt perspectives on the challenges faced by those living in the streets.

“Make Room” concludes with the explicit version of the title track, featuring both Bee-Upone and Criminal Park, followed by two hidden tracks from unknown artists. This rare compilation is a testament to the thriving hip-hop scene in Inglewood during the late ’90s.



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