Coz – King Of Kali


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1 Feud Is On (Intro) 04:17
2 Born 2 Be “G” 04:05
Featuring – CJ Mac, Poppa LQ
3 Rollin’ Thru Ya Hoody 04:06
Featuring – Bun B
4 Caught In A Cross 04:34
5 Cell Block (Interlude) 00:28
6 Shackled From Head To Toe 04:13
7 Keep My Soul 04:53
8 No Place Like Tha Hood 05:19
9 The Ride (Interlude) 00:36
10 Make A Run 04:56
11 The Final Ride (Interlude) 00:19
12 Niggas In My Hood 04:09
13 Got Me A Knot 05:00
14 Killa In The Mirra 04:26
15 The Journey (Outro) 04:22


“King Of Kali” is the debut studio album by Oakland, California rapper Coz. Released on June 20, 1995, by Elektra Entertainment Group, this album showcases Coz’s gangsta rap style and introduces him to the hip-hop scene. Featuring collaborations with artists such as CJ Mac, Poppa LQ, and Bun B, “King Of Kali” is a notable debut that captures the essence of 90s West Coast hip-hop.

The 15-track album kicks off with “Feud Is On (Intro),” featuring CJ Mac and Poppa LQ, followed by “Born 2 Be ‘G’,” which includes background vocals from N.O. Joe. Coz collaborates with Bun B on the track “Rollin’ Thru Ya Hoody” and continues to showcase his storytelling abilities with tracks like “Caught In A Cross” and “Shackled From Head To Toe.” The album also features interludes such as “Cell Block,” “The Ride,” and “The Final Ride.”

“Keep My Soul,” “No Place Like Tha Hood,” and “Make A Run” showcase Coz’s ability to deliver powerful messages through his lyrics, while “Niggas In My Hood,” “Got Me A Knot,” and “Killa In The Mirra” further solidify his gangsta rap persona. The album concludes with “The Journey (Outro),” featuring 350 and N.O. Joe on background vocals.

“King Of Kali” was produced by Kim “Doc” Harris and N.O. Joe, with several tracks co-produced by Mike B. The album was recorded and mixed by Mike Dean, with additional engineering by Fred Kelley, Flip, and Cody. Mastering was done by John Moran and Kim Harris. The album artwork and layout were designed by Alli, with photography by Michael Miller.

This debut album by Coz is a must-listen for fans of 90s West Coast hip-hop and gangsta rap, showcasing the rapper’s raw talent and unique style.



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