CJ Mac – Platinum Game


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1 Hea! 03:14
Featuring – Fat Joe, WC
2 Imagine That 03:32
Featuring – TQ
3 Interlude 00:36
4 King Of L.A 03:27
5 Gangsta Bitch 03:48
6 Hating Game (Interlude) 02:20
7 Hate 04:03
8 Ends 04:31
Featuring – Finale, WC
9 Gangsta 04:04
Featuring – Soultre
10 Playa 03:38
11 Champange Dreams 04:10
Featuring – La’ Reece
12 Interlude 01:08
13 Cha Cha 02:19
Featuring – Too Short
14 Big Pimpin’ 03:41
Featuring – Big Pimpin’


“Platinum Game” is the captivating debut solo album by Los Angeles-based rapper CJ Mac, released on August 31, 1999, through Priority Records and Hoo Bangin’ Records. The album showcases CJ Mac’s exceptional storytelling abilities and features a unique blend of West Coast hip-hop styles that solidify his status as a versatile artist.

The 14-track album opens with the energetic “Hea!,” featuring Fat Joe and WC, and sets the tone for the album with its powerful beats and assertive lyrics. “Imagine That” follows, featuring TQ, and offers a more introspective look into CJ Mac’s life experiences.

The album continues with several standout tracks, including “King of L.A,” a confident declaration of his status in the rap game, and “Gangsta Bitch,” a Johnny J-produced track that highlights CJ Mac’s storytelling prowess. “Ends,” featuring Finale and WC, and produced by Battlecat, delivers an infectious West Coast groove that’s hard to ignore.

“Platinum Game” also includes collaborations with several notable artists, such as Soultre on “Gangsta,” La’ Reece on “Champagne Dreams,” Too Short on “Cha Cha,” and Big Pimpin’ on “Big Pimpin’.” Each collaboration adds depth and variety to the album, showcasing CJ Mac’s ability to adapt to different styles and work with various talents.

The album’s production is handled by an array of talented producers, including Crazy Toones, MAD, and Young Tre, which contributes to the album’s diverse sound and wide-ranging appeal.

Overall, “Platinum Game” is a strong debut that highlights CJ Mac’s talents as a rapper and storyteller, and serves as a memorable introduction to his solo career.



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