Cima – Good Shit


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1 Good Shit (Radio Edit) 03:20
2 Soulfood 04:12
3 Starvin 03:44
4 Hands Up 04:14
5 Timber 03:20
6 Da Bottom 04:31
7 Dolla Billz 03:54
8 Fantasy Lady 04:54
9 Who? 02:59
10 Pandimoniuum 04:22
11 D’Ya Like It 03:53
12 Wondering Wayz 05:32
13 Against The Wall 05:06
14 Good Shit (Album Version) 03:18


“Good Shit” is an exceptionally rare hip-hop album by Los Angeles-based rapper Cima, released on April 29, 1997, under Carbide Records. This underground gem showcases Cima’s unique style and offers listeners a diverse array of tracks that highlight his lyrical prowess and compelling beats.

The 14-track album opens with the radio edit of the title track, “Good Shit,” which sets the tone for the rest of the record. “Soulfood” delivers a smooth vibe with guitar, harmonica, and keyboards, while “Starvin” and “Hands Up” keep the energy high. “Timber,” featuring KSI, showcases an engaging collaboration, and “Da Bottom” features additional vocals by Marlyn Cornelious.

“Dolla Billz,” “Fantasy Lady,” and “Who?” continue the album’s momentum, while “Pandimoniuum” and “D’Ya Like It” offer memorable hooks and beats. “Wondering Wayz” provides a reflective moment, and “Against The Wall” amps up the intensity before closing with the album version of “Good Shit.”

Cima worked alongside producers C. Georgevich and C. Barrella, who produced tracks 1 and 3 to 14. The album was recorded and mixed at Debonaire Productions, Inc., with “Soulfood” recorded at Broccoli Rabe Studios and mixed at Ironbound Soundworks. John Salvato served as the executive producer, and C-Wreck Management, Inc. managed the project.

With its captivating beats, captivating lyrics, and Cima’s distinctive style, “Good Shit” is a valuable addition to the collections of underground hip-hop enthusiasts and collectors alike.



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