Chunk – Still Breakin Em Off


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1 Industry Bosses 03:53
Featuring – Achilles, Yung Bundle
2 We Gangsta 03:57
Featuring – Kilo Kapanel, Plat-e-num, T-Nutty
3 Get Paid 03:49
Featuring – Messy Marv
4 It’s All Hood 03:45
5 Fresh Ta Def 03:24
6 Get It Off Ya Chest 03:21
Featuring – AC Of 2 N Da Chamber
7 Goorillaz 03:46
Featuring – J-Tripz
8 If I Got It 03:54
Featuring – AC Of 2 N Da Chamber, J-Tripz
9 Bangkok 03:24
Featuring – Achilles, Killahoe Of 2 N Da Chamber
10 Promotions 03:52
11 Shot Down 03:44
12 Still Breakin’Em Off 04:16
13 Dip Thru 04:25
Featuring – Marvaless
14 Hand On My Banger 03:46
15 Top Down 04:38
Featuring – C-Bo, Kilo Kapanel
16 Bustin Melons 03:36
Featuring – Keak Da Sneak


“Still Breakin Em Off” is the sixth studio album by East Palo Alto, California rapper Chunk. Released on August 19, 2008, by U C IT Entertainment, the album features a strong lineup of guest artists, including Achilles, Yung Bundle, Kilo Kapanel, Plat-e-num, T-Nutty, Messy Marv, AC & Killahoe Of 2 N Da Chamber, J-Tripz, Marvaless, C-Bo, and Keak Da Sneak. The album showcases Chunk’s signature Gangsta Hip Hop style and powerful storytelling.

The album begins with “Industry Bosses,” featuring Achilles and Yung Bundle, setting the stage for a collection of hard-hitting tracks. “We Gangsta,” featuring Kilo Kapanel, Plat-e-num, and T-Nutty, keeps the momentum going with a captivating beat and impressive verses from all artists involved.

“Get Paid,” featuring Messy Marv, delivers a catchy hook and a memorable performance, followed by tracks like “It’s All Hood” and “Fresh Ta Def” that showcase Chunk’s unique sound and lyrical abilities. “Get It Off Ya Chest,” featuring AC of 2 N Da Chamber, and “Goorillaz,” featuring J-Tripz, further highlight the rapper’s skills and versatility.

Collaborative tracks such as “If I Got It,” “Bangkok,” “Dip Thru,” “Top Down,” and “Bustin Melons” showcase the chemistry between Chunk and his featured artists, resulting in standout songs that elevate the album.

With a mix of gritty lyrics, engaging beats, and strong guest appearances, “Still Breakin Em Off” is a testament to Chunk’s talent and dedication to his craft, solidifying his place in the Hip Hop scene.



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