Chilee Powdah Presents Backstreet Meech – 480 Headbanger


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1 Headbanger (Intro) 02:16
2 4’s Up 03:27
Featuring – G.T.
3 Kick It 03:47
Featuring – Nutmeg
4 100 Degrees 03:28
5 Shook Um 03:52
Featuring – Nel Brooks
6 Git Ya Hands Up 03:03
7 Still Bustaz 04:15
8 N 2 U 03:28
Featuring – Nutmeg
9 Backseat 04:32
10 Worldwide 04:10
Featuring – 80 Proof, Grand
11 Bang Fo Mine 03:31
Featuring – G.T.
12 Can’t Wait… 03:47
13 Gangsta Fiesta 04:16
Featuring – Ski-Mask
14 Dealt Wit 03:32
15 Let It Be Known 03:47
Featuring – Trey Capone
16 If It Don’t Fit 04:16
Featuring – Rappin’ 4-Tay
17 Tramp Delight 04:08
Featuring – Celly Cel
18 Thugs Come Around 04:05
Featuring – Don P


“480 Headbanger” is a project by rapper Backstreet Meech from Phoenix, Arizona, released on February 18, 2003, by Powdahland Records. The album features a fusion of hip-hop and gangsta rap styles, showcasing Backstreet Meech’s versatility and lyrical abilities. With an impressive lineup of features including G.T., Nutmeg, Nel Brooks, 80 Proof, Grand, Ski-Mask, Trey Capone, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Celly Cel, and Don P, “480 Headbanger” offers listeners an authentic and engaging listening experience.

The album begins with the powerful “Headbanger (Intro),” setting the tone for the project. “4’s Up” and “Kick It” continue the energetic vibe, featuring G.T. of the Bloccgang and vocals by Nutmeg, respectively. “100 Degrees” and “Shook Um,” featuring Nel Brooks of the Bloccgang, highlight Backstreet Meech’s ability to deliver hard-hitting lyrics over captivating beats.

Tracks like “Git Ya Hands Up,” “Still Bustaz,” and “N 2 U” featuring Nutmeg, demonstrate Meech’s talent for creating memorable hooks and infectious melodies. “Backseat” and “Worldwide,” featuring 80 Proof and Grand, further showcase his storytelling skills and the album’s diverse range of sounds.

“Bang Fo Mine,” “Can’t Wait…,” and “Dealt Wit” keep the momentum going with engaging production and strong lyrical content. “Gangsta Fiesta” featuring Ski-Mask and “Let It Be Known” featuring Trey Capone of the Bloccgang add even more depth to the album’s overall sound.

The album concludes with the standout tracks “If It Don’t Fit” featuring Rappin’ 4-Tay, “Tramp Delight” featuring Celly Cel, and “Thugs Come Around,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Backstreet Meech’s talent and unique voice within the hip-hop scene.

Recorded at Mindspit Studios and made by Newsong Media, the album credits include A&R by C.Thomas, art direction and design by CFX, executive production by Chilee Powdah and Phoenix Mitchell, and mastering by JC.



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