Charlie Luckie – Hello World


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1 Hello World (Intro) 01:42
2 Grammies 03:19
3 Above Average 05:21
Featuring – Millie
4 At It Again 03:12
Featuring – Lucci Lu
5 Bloody Murder 04:53
Featuring – Suave Killa
6 Forgot Something 02:54
7 Give It All 03:58
Featuring – Deshawn Brown
8 Dreams 04:34
Featuring – Erica Washington
9 Hello World (Outro) 02:16
10 Hello World (Remix) 04:04
Featuring – Enrun


“Hello World” is a captivating mixtape by Mobile, Alabama rapper Charlie Luckie, released on February 7, 2016, under the Enrun Enterprise label. The project consists of 10 tracks that showcase Charlie Luckie’s unique rap style and lyricism, with an impressive lineup of featured artists including Millie, Lucci Lu, Suave Killa, Deshawn Brown, Erica Washington, and Enrun.

The mixtape kicks off with “Hello World (Intro),” setting the stage for the listener to embark on a musical journey filled with themes of ambition, perseverance, and life experiences. Throughout the project, Charlie Luckie’s storytelling prowess is evident, capturing the listener’s attention and offering a vivid picture of his world.

Several tracks on “Hello World” feature talented collaborators, adding depth and variety to the mixtape. “Above Average” features Millie’s dynamic verse, while “At It Again” includes a collaboration with Lucci Lu. Suave Killa makes an appearance on the aggressive track “Bloody Murder,” and Deshawn Brown adds his unique touch to “Give It All.” The soulful and introspective “Dreams” showcases Erica Washington’s vocal talents.

The project concludes with “Hello World (Outro)” and a remix of the title track featuring Enrun, highlighting the mixtape’s versatility and collaborative spirit.

Overall, “Hello World” is a solid mixtape that demonstrates Charlie Luckie’s potential as a rapper and his ability to create engaging, relatable songs. The project stands as a testament to the thriving hip-hop scene in Mobile, Alabama, and the wealth of talent emerging from the region.



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