Centro Side – Centro Side Riders


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1 Mr. Blue Intro 00:55
2 Mr. Blue, Lil’ Creeper, Wicked One 5150 Sick In The Head 04:10
3 The Creeper, Precise, Mr. Blue Street Affiliated 04:04
4 Mr. Blue You Will Die’ 05:14
5 Precise Ballad Of Violence 03:16
6 Loco Sniper, Swifty, The Creeper You Can’t Test The Centro 03:45
7 Wicked One, Mr. Blue, The Creeper Click Bang 05:19
8 Lil’ Evil, Mr. Blue, Loco Sniper This Is How Us Devils Ride 03:14
9 Precise, The Creeper, Mr. Blue Sudden Death 04:13
10 Mr. Blue I’m A Rider Ese 05:12
11 Swifty, Mr. Blue Where Im From 03:55
12 Lazy Menace Rep For The Brown 02:15
13 Centro Side Riders Centro Side Roll Call 03:21
14 The Creeper, Mr. Blue, Loco Sniper Everybody Hit The Floor 04:11
15 The Creeper, Mr. Blue Caught Up ‘n The Fast Life 04:22
16 Mr. Blue, The Creeper, Lazy Menace I’m Loving This 04:16
17 Wicked One, DJ Toks Locked Down 03:29
18 Precise Come Out And Play 03:34
19 Loco Sniper, Mr. Blue Stop Hating 05:30


Centro Side Riders is a project by rap group Centro Side from Bakersfield, California. The compilation was released on August 28, 2018 and has features by Mr. Blue, Lil’ Creeper, Wicked One, The Creeper, Precise, Loco Sniper, Swifty, Lil’ Evil, Lazy Menace and DJ Toks.



MP3-320, FLAC (Lossless)


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