Cecy B – Truth Love Change


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1 Truth (Intro) 01:08
2 Digital Love 03:35
Featuring – Jah Free
3 Dance Alone 02:57
4 Sweet Bliss 03:27
Featuring – Roscoe
5 Love (Interlude) 01:13
6 I Got U 03:34
Featuring – Denise Chavez
7 Get Me High 03:36
8 On The Floor 03:15
Featuring – Sonny Blue, Z-Gunz
9 Wish You Would 03:29
Featuring – Lil Uno
10 Come Closer 03:30
Featuring – Sonny Blue
11 Daddy U The Boss 03:04
12 The Only One 03:16
13 Do It 4 The Music 03:21
Featuring – Wicked Minds
14 Now You Know 03:55
15 I’m Over This 03:15
16 Change (Interlude) 01:14
17 Break Free 03:43
18 Wish You Would Remix (Bonus Track) 03:21


“Truth Love Change” is a diverse and captivating project by Los Angeles rapper Cecy B, released on February 9, 2010, through La Corporacion Music. This album showcases Cecy B’s dynamic lyrical abilities and features an array of talented artists such as Jah Free, Roscoe, Denise Chavez, Sonny Blue, Z-Gunz, Lil Uno, and Wicked Minds.

The 18-track project begins with an introspective “Truth (Intro)” before transitioning to the upbeat “Digital Love” featuring Jah Free. Cecy B continues to demonstrate her versatility with tracks like “Dance Alone” and “Sweet Bliss,” featuring Roscoe.

Love is a central theme throughout the album, as evidenced by the “Love (Interlude)” and tracks like “I Got U,” featuring Denise Chavez. The album also features club-ready songs like “On The Floor” with Sonny Blue and Z-Gunz, and “Wish You Would” with Lil Uno.

Cecy B collaborates with Sonny Blue on “Come Closer,” showcasing their chemistry, and continues to deliver powerful messages on tracks like “Daddy U The Boss” and “The Only One.” Wicked Minds lend their talents to the anthem “Do It 4 The Music,” further adding to the album’s depth.

The album concludes with the reflective tracks “Now You Know,” “I’m Over This,” and “Change (Interlude),” before offering a bonus remix of “Wish You Would.” “Truth Love Change” is a well-rounded project that showcases Cecy B’s unique style and lyrical prowess.



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