Cal-Luv – I Wanna Smoke Wit U


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1 Intro 01:36
2 Life Of A Playa 05:02
3 I Wanna Smoke Wit U 04:20
Featuring – Dollar Will
4 Scrilla 04:44
Featuring – Hershey Baby
5 Stressed Out 05:23
Featuring – D.O.A.
6 Changes 05:00
7 Catch Me If You Can 03:43
8 Scrilla (Radio Version) 04:46
9 Changes (Radio Version) 05:00
10 I Wanna Smoke Wit U (Radio Version) 04:20


“I Wanna Smoke Wit U” is an exceptional EP release by Oakland-based rapper Cal-Luv. Released on August 20, 1996, by Hella Deep Productions, the EP showcases Cal-Luv’s mastery of Gangsta and G-Funk hip-hop styles, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

The EP begins with an “Intro” that sets the stage for the tracks to come. “Life Of A Playa” kicks off the musical journey with a catchy hook and captivating verses that highlight Cal-Luv’s smooth flow and lyrical prowess.

“I Wanna Smoke Wit U,” featuring Dollar Will, is the title track and a standout on the EP. With its infectious beat and memorable chorus, it’s a song that is sure to resonate with listeners. “Scrilla,” featuring Hershey Baby, maintains the EP’s momentum with its engaging rhythm and captivating verses.

“Stressed Out,” featuring D.O.A., showcases Cal-Luv’s ability to address more serious topics, providing a reflective and introspective track. “Changes” continues this theme, offering a contemplative look at life’s challenges and transitions.

“Catch Me If You Can” brings the energy back up with a lively beat and engaging verses that demonstrate Cal-Luv’s ability to switch between different moods and styles seamlessly. The EP concludes with radio versions of “Scrilla,” “Stressed Out,” and “I Wanna Smoke Wit U,” making it accessible to a wider audience.

With the support of executive producer Michael Seymour, producer Roggie S., and Toure, as well as talented musicians like Carl Lockett and Nathan Sims on bass, and Paul Sihon on guitar, “I Wanna Smoke Wit U” is a testament to Cal-Luv’s talent and potential within the hip-hop scene.



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