C-Sicc – Drastic


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1 Intro 01:39
2 Is You Ready? 03:43
3 How We Do 04:54
Featuring – 10Sion, Joy King, Outlaw Jessie Wales
4 Aint Havin It 03:38
5 Pursuin’ 04:53
Featuring – 10Sion, Shogunn
6 Get It Goin’ 04:08
7 Lady Buddah 06:24
Featuring – BMOC, Say Crisiss, Young Tee
8 Do You Love Tha West 04:01
9 Kick In Tha Doe 03:47
Featuring – Renegade
10 Do My Thang 04:17
11 Macking 04:13
Featuring – The Plague
12 For Tha Cash 05:04
Featuring – Joy Kiing
13 Drastic 04:03


“Drastic” is the one and only studio album by rapper C-Sicc, who hails from South San Francisco / Daly City, California. Released on June 20, 2000, by Fogbay Entertainment, this album showcases C-Sicc’s talent as an up-and-coming Gangsta Hip Hop artist. With his real name being Cortney Eison, C-Sicc now goes by the name Cort Knoxx.

The album features 13 tracks that highlight C-Sicc’s raw and unfiltered style. Starting with the “Intro,” the album quickly sets the tone with tracks like “Is You Ready?” and “How We Do,” featuring 10Sion, Joy King, and Outlaw Jessie Wales. C-Sicc’s street-savvy rhymes and storytelling abilities shine in tracks like “Aint Havin It,” “Pursuin’,” featuring 10Sion and Shogunn, and “Get It Goin’.”

Collaborations with other artists such as BMOC, Say Crisiss, and Young Tee on “Lady Buddah,” Renegade on “Kick In Tha Doe,” and The Plague on “Macking” showcase C-Sicc’s versatility and his ability to work with different talents. The album also includes tracks like “Do You Love Tha West,” “Do My Thang,” and “For Tha Cash,” featuring Joy Kiing, which add depth to the overall listening experience.

The album’s title track, “Drastic,” serves as a powerful conclusion to this engaging record, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. With its hard-hitting beats and captivating lyrics, “Drastic” is an album that fans of Gangsta Hip Hop will surely appreciate.



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