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1 Bumb 01:35
2 Hyphy Cat 04:08
Featuring – Goldie Gold, Mistah FAB
3 Godzilla 02:55
4 Cali-4-Ya 03:20
Featuring – P Jericho, Asa Taccone
5 Celebrity Buds 04:22
6 Slap Yer System 04:23
Featuring – Matt Jocelyn
7 Same Ol’ Thang 03:09
8 Step Ya Game Up 03:11
9 The B-Side 03:57
10 Watch Out For The Potholes 03:47
11 Young Fresh Clean Mean 04:47
Featuring – Menace Meat
12 Poke The P 03:40
Featuring – Mike Marshall
13 Call Myself The Shit 03:35
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14 Get The F*ck Up 02:47
Featuring – Asa Taccone
15 Came To Get Down 04:05
Featuring – Asa Taccone
16 The Bump 03:50


Bumbalo is the self-titled studio album by the rapper from Berkeley, California. Released on February 6, 2007, by Marinello/Collectiv, the album features several collaborations with notable artists like Goldie Gold, Mistah FAB, Mike Marshall, and others.

The album opens with the short introductory track “Bumb” before moving onto the hyphy-influenced “Hyphy Cat,” which features verses from Goldie Gold and Mistah FAB. “Godzilla” follows, showcasing Bumbalo’s unique flow and style, while “Cali-4-Ya” features P Jericho and Asa Taccone, bringing a different vibe to the album.

The midtempo “Celebrity Buds” and the bass-heavy “Slap Yer System,” featuring Matt Jocelyn, offer a diverse range of sound and energy. “Same Ol’ Thang” and “Step Ya Game Up” continue the high-energy theme, while “The B-Side” takes a more laid-back approach, with Bumbalo’s flow complementing the relaxed beat.

“Watch Out For The Potholes” and “Young Fresh Clean Mean,” featuring Menace Meat, bring more heavy beats and clever wordplay to the mix. “Poke The P” features Mike Marshall’s smooth vocals and a melodic beat, while “Call Myself The Shit” is a boastful track with catchy hooks.

The album closes with “Get The F*ck Up” featuring Asa Taccone and the funky “Came To Get Down” featuring once again Asa Taccone, before finishing on the upbeat and catchy “The Bump.” Overall, Bumbalo’s self-titled album is a solid representation of his unique style and showcases his versatility as an artist.



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