Boondocks – Straight From Nowhere


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1 Hollywood, AZ 03:16
2 Lyrical Buckshots 03:42
3 Liquor Sto 01:53
4 Sick Wit It 03:36
5 Mashin’ Up Tha Spot 03:28
6 Diary Of A Hustla’ 03:28
7 Boonside 03:51
8 Means To An End 04:06
9 Jacked Yo Ass 02:16
10 Straight From Nowhere 03:25
11 Ho Drama 03:17
12 Forever An O.G. 05:58
13 Overrated 03:06
14 6 0 Deuce 04:04


“Straight From Nowhere” is the one and only studio album by the rap group Boondocks hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on February 7, 1995, under Raging Bull Records, the album stands out as a testament to the group’s talent and potential. Featuring a blend of gangsta rap and hip-hop, the album showcases the unique sound and storytelling abilities of Boondocks.

The album kicks off with “Hollywood, AZ,” a track that highlights the group’s roots and identity. “Lyrical Buckshots” and “Liquor Sto” follow suit, demonstrating Boondocks’ lyrical prowess and engaging beats. “Sick Wit It,” with drum programming by J. Stank, offers a catchy and dynamic track that’s hard to forget.

“Mashin’ Up Tha Spot” and “Diary Of A Hustla'” maintain the album’s momentum, diving deeper into the gritty realities of street life. “Boonside,” co-produced by Fade, adds an extra layer of depth to the album’s sound, while “Means To An End,” produced by Paris, explores the group’s introspective side.

“Jacked Yo Ass” and the titular track “Straight From Nowhere” further solidify the group’s raw and authentic style. “Ho Drama,” produced by Hezray, and “Forever An O.G.,” co-produced by D-Low, continue to showcase Boondocks’ storytelling skills and their ability to connect with listeners through their music.

The album concludes with “Overrated” and “6 0 Deuce,” produced by Hezray, leaving a lasting impression of Boondocks’ undeniable talent and unique voice in the hip-hop scene.

Johnny (Soulful Loco) Salcido serves as the executive producer, with Wally Traugott mastering the album, and Fade and Rocky Heyer mixing the tracks.



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