Boobie $oprano – GunstaRap


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1 Just Do It 00:46
2 Killa Cali 03:37
3 Unpredictable 03:01
4 2×9 Da Setday 03:03
5 The Chapel 04:09
6 M.O.P 03:24
Featuring – Blizz
7 City Of Angels 03:47
8 You Aint Real 02:02
9 Back 2 You 03:28
Featuring – Erin Thompkins
10 She Bad 03:36
Featuring – L Boy
11 Oh Yeah 03:19
12 Pain 03:23
13 My Prayer 03:23
Featuring – Erin Thompkins
14 City Of Angels (Remix) 03:17
Featuring – Mack 10


“GunstaRap” is an engaging project by rapper Boobie $oprano, hailing from Gardena, California. Released on April 20, 2014, under the label 2GdHBM, this mixtape features a diverse collection of 14 tracks, with guest appearances by Blizz, Erin Thompkins, L Boy, and Mack 10. Showcasing Boobie $oprano’s unique style and lyrical abilities, “GunstaRap” is a captivating listening experience for fans of West Coast rap.

The mixtape starts off with “Just Do It,” a short but powerful introduction, followed by “Killa Cali,” a track that highlights Boobie $oprano’s pride in his California roots. “Unpredictable” and “2×9 Da Setday” continue to showcase the rapper’s energetic flow and skillful wordplay.

“The Chapel” and “M.O.P,” featuring Blizz, dive into the street life and gritty realities that Boobie $oprano has experienced. “City Of Angels” pays homage to Los Angeles, while “You Aint Real” and “Back 2 You,” featuring Erin Thompkins, reveal a more introspective side of the rapper.

“She Bad,” featuring L Boy, and “Oh Yeah” demonstrate Boobie $oprano’s versatility and ability to create catchy, memorable hooks. “Pain” and “My Prayer,” featuring Erin Thompkins, delve into the rapper’s personal struggles and journey towards self-discovery.

The mixtape concludes with “City Of Angels (Remix),” featuring legendary West Coast rapper Mack 10, adding an extra layer of depth to an already impressive project. Overall, “GunstaRap” is a must-listen mixtape that showcases Boobie $oprano’s talent and potential within the rap game.



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