Boehannin – Price 2 Pay


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1 Mandatory 03:31
2 Overwhelming 03:13
3 No Feelings 03:03
4 Politics 02:49
5 Homicide 02:51
6 Hands On 03:31
7 Came From Nothing 03:21
8 Redpaint 03:15
9 Letter To The C.E.O 04:03
10 Price 2 Pay 03:06


Price 2 Pay is an impressive mixtape by Oakland rapper Boehannin, self-released on July 4, 2017. The project features 10 powerful tracks that showcase Boehannin’s lyrical skills, unique flow, and ability to craft engaging stories through his music. With a mix of energetic beats and introspective lyrics, Price 2 Pay offers a compelling glimpse into the mind and experiences of an up-and-coming artist in the hip-hop scene.

Opening with “Mandatory,” Boehannin sets the stage for the mixtape with a track that highlights his determination to succeed in the music industry. The following songs, such as “Overwhelming” and “No Feelings,” delve deeper into the struggles and triumphs of life in the streets, offering a candid perspective on the challenges that come with pursuing a career in rap.

Throughout Price 2 Pay, Boehannin explores themes of ambition, adversity, and resilience. On tracks like “Politics” and “Homicide,” he tackles the darker aspects of life in the hood, addressing issues of violence, corruption, and the impact of these experiences on his personal journey.

The mixtape also features more introspective tracks, like “Came From Nothing” and “Letter To The C.E.O,” where Boehannin reflects on his humble beginnings and the obstacles he has faced on the path to success. The project culminates in the titular track, “Price 2 Pay,” serving as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices that must be made in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Price 2 Pay is a captivating mixtape that showcases Boehannin’s undeniable talent and potential as an artist. With its raw honesty, engaging storytelling, and memorable beats, this project is a must-listen for fans of the Oakland hip-hop scene and beyond.



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