Black Dynasty – Eight Ball In The Corner Pocket


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Walking On Thin Ice 05:32
2 Lil’ House On The Ghetto Prairie 05:14
3 Don’t Forget Where You Came From 06:30


“Eight Ball In The Corner Pocket” is the debut release by Oakland-based rap group Black Dynasty. The EP, released in 1991 on cassette tape only, marked the beginning of the group’s recording career. Produced by Black Dynasty and released under the Flamm E Flamm label, the EP features three tracks that showcase the group’s early style and roots in the Oakland hip-hop scene.

The EP’s tracks include “Walking On Thin Ice,” “Lil’ House On The Ghetto Prairie,” and “Don’t Forget Where You Came From.” Executive producers Chris Washington and Mike Washington helped bring the project to life, supporting the group’s vision and contributing to the creation of this unique release.

Black Dynasty, founded by brothers Kariem Abdullah and Dion Stewart, was already active in the Bay Area’s hip-hop scene before their popular 1995 single “Deep East Oakland.” Their debut EP, “Eight Ball In The Corner Pocket,” demonstrated their potential and served as the foundation for their future work. The group would go on to release their first full-length album, “Asphalt Jungle,” in 1993, followed by their successful 1995 album, “Deep East Oakland.”

Although tragedy struck the group with the loss of Dion Stewart, Black Dynasty persevered, making a comeback in 2002 with their album “Reality Check.” The group’s debut EP, “Eight Ball In The Corner Pocket,” remains a testament to their early talent and dedication to their music and their hometown of Oakland.


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