Big Dank – The Hood Has Raised Me


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1 Intro 01:23
2 I Specialize 03:49
3 While U Were Away 04:48
4 Jus Pimpin (Radio Edit) 03:49
5 Thangs Don’t Change 03:39
6 In The Game 03:51
7 The Compound 03:35
Featuring – J-Mac, V.O.S.
8 Reminisce 03:46
Featuring – V.O.S.
9 Get ‘Em Up 03:29
Featuring – J-Mac, J-Rat
10 The Hood Has Raised Me (Radio Edit) 04:09
11 Upside Down 03:50
12 Claim Tha Hood 04:48
13 Shots Fired 04:05
14 The Hood Has Raised Me (Gangsta Mix) 04:11
15 From Me To You (Bonus Track) 03:47
16 Takin’ Care Of Business 03:55
Featuring – Family Thugs


“The Hood Has Raised Me” is the debut and only studio album by rapper Big Dank, hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. Released on July 30, 1996, by Pup Dog Records, the album delivers a powerful combination of gangsta rap and G-funk, reflecting the musical landscape of the mid-90s hip-hop scene.

Big Dank’s “The Hood Has Raised Me” offers a genuine portrayal of the rapper’s life and experiences growing up in Little Rock. The 16-track album features an array of guest appearances, including vocals from Idora and Ta-Tanysha Rosby, as well as collaborations with J-Mac, J-Rat, V.O.S., and Family Thugs.

Standout tracks include “I Specialize,” “Thangs Don’t Change,” “In The Game,” and the eponymous “The Hood Has Raised Me.” The album also features a bonus track, “From Me To You,” and two different versions of the title track – a radio edit and a gangsta mix.

A&R direction by Toney Holley and executive production by Mark “Pup Dog” Jones ensure a polished and cohesive sound throughout the album. Co-produced by Mark Jones and ROE, with additional production by Ardell Allen and Jay John, “The Hood Has Raised Me” boasts an authentic G-funk vibe that sets it apart from its contemporaries.

With art direction and design by Daron Barker, the album’s visual presentation is as captivating as its music. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Pup Dog Recording Studios and Free Toes Studio, “The Hood Has Raised Me” is a testament to Big Dank’s talent and unique perspective on life, making it a must-listen for fans of 90s gangsta rap and G-funk.



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