Bezo Luciano – Never Go Against The Family


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1 Intro 02:31
2 That’s How You Get Smoked 03:04
Featuring – Youngin’
3 Spinnin’ Like Taz (I’m Spinning) 02:33
4 Bonus 03:34
5 March Nikka Step 02:50
6 I.D.K 04:13
Featuring – Manu Gotti
7 Don’t Save Him 03:23
Featuring – Tytanic
8 Daniel Son 03:40
9 3grizzly 03:06
Featuring – Youngin’
10 2 Much At Stake 03:06
11 Stuck In My Ways 03:42
12 Letting You Go 03:45


“Never Go Against The Family” is a project by rapper Bezo Luciano hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Released on December 25, 2019, by 3 Baby Entertainment, the project features collaborations with artists such as Youngin’, Manu Gotti, and Tytanic.

The album kicks off with a powerful “Intro,” setting the stage for the gritty and authentic sound that Bezo Luciano delivers throughout the project. “That’s How You Get Smoked,” featuring Youngin’, showcases the duo’s chemistry as they trade verses over a hard-hitting beat.

“Spinnin’ Like Taz (I’m Spinning)” keeps the energy high with its fast-paced flow and catchy hook, while “Bonus” offers a more introspective look into Bezo’s life and experiences. “March Nikka Step” serves as a call to action, displaying Bezo’s lyrical prowess and commanding presence.

“I.D.K,” featuring Manu Gotti, brings a more introspective vibe as the two artists explore the uncertainties of life. “Don’t Save Him,” with Tytanic, is a cautionary tale about trusting the wrong people, emphasizing the importance of loyalty. “Daniel Son” continues the project’s narrative with a nod to the iconic Karate Kid character, showcasing Bezo’s storytelling abilities.

“3grizzly,” featuring Youngin’ once again, displays the duo’s undeniable chemistry as they drop memorable lines over a hypnotic beat. “2 Much At Stake” serves as a reminder of the importance of staying focused and determined in the face of adversity.

“Stuck In My Ways” delves into Bezo’s unapologetic nature and his commitment to staying true to himself, while “Letting You Go” concludes the project with a heartfelt track about the difficulty of moving on from past relationships and experiences.

“Never Go Against The Family” is a strong representation of Bezo Luciano’s talent, offering a raw and authentic portrayal of life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



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