Aobie – A Damn Fool


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1 Intro 00:50
2 Oakland City 04:00
3 Tipical Azz Ni@#a 04:27
4 So Fly 04:14
5 Cadillac Trunk 03:53
6 Stop Frontin’ 03:09
7 Twisted 04:16
8 E.S.O. 03:18
9 Mob Shizzle 03:22
Featuring – Agerman
10 She’s Lying 02:33
11 Sex Feind 04:01
12 Let Me Hit 03:44
13 Brake Dat H@e 03:47
Featuring – Capt’N Sav’Em
14 So What 02:41
15 Stone Cold Playa 03:23
16 Outro 00:42


“A Damn Fool” is an extremely rare and highly sought-after album by Oakland, California-based rapper Aobie. Released in 2002 under the label Slap Entertainment, this album exemplifies the G-Funk and Gangsta rap styles that dominated the West Coast hip-hop scene during that era. Aobie’s distinct lyrical prowess and delivery shine throughout the album, making it a must-have for any serious hip-hop collector.

The album kicks off with a powerful “Intro” that sets the tone for the rest of the project, diving headfirst into the distinctive Oakland sound with tracks like “Oakland City” and “Tipical Azz Ni@#a.” Aobie’s smooth flow and clever wordplay on tracks like “So Fly” and “Cadillac Trunk” demonstrate his ability to create catchy hooks and memorable verses, making them standout tracks on the album.

Aobie also showcases his storytelling skills with songs like “Stop Frontin'” and “Twisted,” which delve into the harsh realities of street life and the experiences that shaped him as an artist. “E.S.O.” and “Mob Shizzle,” featuring Agerman, further emphasize the gritty and raw nature of Aobie’s music, while “She’s Lying” and “Sex Feind” explore themes of love and lust.

“Let Me Hit” and “Brake Dat H@e,” featuring Capt’N Sav’Em, are unapologetic and bold tracks that exemplify Aobie’s raw and unabashed approach to hip-hop. The album concludes with “So What” and “Stone Cold Playa,” showcasing Aobie’s versatility as a rapper and leaving listeners eager for more.

“A Damn Fool” is a testament to Aobie’s talent and the unique sound that he brought to the West Coast hip-hop scene. Despite its rarity, the album remains a sought-after gem for fans of G-Funk and Gangsta rap, and an essential addition to any hip-hop collection.



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