Anon1myZ – The Riddle of Steel


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1 This You Can Trust 00:32
2 Intro 01:25
3 Supa Star 03:18
Featuring – Jscat
4 Warmth And Fire 00:12
5 Passenger Seat 03:39
Featuring – Marques Elliott
6 Never Love Em 03:27
Featuring – Nump, Cydwaiz, K-Roc
7 Foes And Friends 03:45
Featuring – Solrak
8 The Meaning Of Life 00:33
9 Stand Up Soldier 02:56
Featuring – Dolla
10 Solid Ground 04:14
Featuring – Jscat
11 Real Talk 03:39
Featuring – E-40
12 The Riddle Of Steel 00:44
13 Santo Warrior 03:52
Featuring – Solrak
14 You’re The 1 04:14
Featuring – Jscat
15 Victories 00:08
16 Livin The Life 04:24
Featuring – T-Pain
17 On Me 03:52
Featuring – Jon B., Young Dee
18 From Scratch 04:23
19 Stack Of Doe 03:42
Featuring – Nump, Marques Elliott


“The Riddle of Steel” is a project by rapper Anon1myZ from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on July 14, 2009, by Truzona / 5Dub, the album presents a diverse collection of tracks, showcasing Anon1myZ’s impressive lyrical prowess and versatility. Featuring collaborations with talented artists such as Jscat, Marques Elliott, Nump, Cydwaiz, K-Roc, Solrak, Dolla, E-40, T-Pain, Jon B., and Young Dee, the album delivers an engaging and dynamic listening experience.

The album opens with a powerful introduction, “This You Can Trust,” and moves into the first full track, “Supa Star,” featuring Jscat. “Warmth and Fire” serves as an interlude before transitioning into “Passenger Seat,” a smooth track featuring Marques Elliott’s vocals. “Never Love Em” is a collaboration with Nump, Cydwaiz, and K-Roc, highlighting Anon1myZ’s ability to deliver hard-hitting lyrics over captivating beats.

“Foes and Friends,” featuring Solrak, and “Stand Up Soldier,” featuring Dolla, demonstrate Anon1myZ’s storytelling skills and his ability to create memorable hooks. The album’s title track, “The Riddle of Steel,” serves as an interlude, setting the stage for “Santo Warrior” with Solrak and “You’re The 1” with Jscat.

“Real Talk,” featuring E-40, showcases Anon1myZ’s talent for crafting engaging verses and collaborating with hip-hop heavyweights. “Livin The Life,” featuring T-Pain, brings a catchy, radio-friendly sound to the album, while “On Me,” featuring Jon B. and Young Dee, delivers a smooth and soulful vibe.

The album concludes with “From Scratch” and “Stack Of Doe,” featuring Nump and Marques Elliott, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Anon1myZ’s unique voice and talent within the hip-hop scene. Overall, “The Riddle of Steel” is an impressive project that showcases Anon1myZ’s versatility, lyrical skills, and ability to collaborate with a diverse range of talented artists.



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