Al Husky & Ruffian – Ruff & Husky Late Night Mission


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1 Intro (Skit) 00:54
2 Late Night Mission 02:18
3 Bar Godz 02:30
Featuring – Samoan Herm
4 Make It To The Top 02:39
5 Lift Off (Skit) 00:30
6 Pistols Sing 03:36
Featuring – Antimosity
7 Live & Direct 02:34
8 Impeccable 04:25


“Ruff & Husky Late Night Mission” is a collaboration album by rappers Al Husky and Ruffian, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on February 11, 2016, by Fully Blown Records, this project features appearances by Samoan Herm and Antimosity. The album’s eight tracks offer a gritty, authentic sound that showcases the duo’s dynamic chemistry and versatile talents.

The album opens with an introductory skit, setting the stage for the title track, “Late Night Mission.” This energetic song offers a glimpse into the nocturnal adventures and hustles that the rappers experience in their hometown of Oakland. With its captivating hook and powerful beats, “Late Night Mission” immediately grabs the listener’s attention.

The third track, “Bar Godz,” features Samoan Herm and showcases the rappers’ lyrical prowess, with each artist delivering their verses with precision and intensity. Following this, “Make It To The Top” speaks to the ambition and determination that drives both Al Husky and Ruffian in their pursuit of success.

A brief skit titled “Lift Off” serves as a transition to the album’s second half, which kicks off with “Pistols Sing.” This song features Antimosity and dives into the darker aspects of street life, with vivid storytelling and evocative imagery.

The final two tracks, “Live & Direct” and “Impeccable,” solidify the project’s overall theme of perseverance and resilience. Both songs exhibit the artists’ commitment to their craft and their desire to create impactful music that resonates with listeners.

“Ruff & Husky Late Night Mission” is a testament to the power of collaboration, as Al Husky and Ruffian seamlessly blend their individual styles to produce an engaging and memorable album that will appeal to fans of authentic, hard-hitting hip-hop.



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