Agerman – Tried By The Fire


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1 Intro 00:48
2 Amazing Grace 04:05
3 Voicemail 01:12
4 Tried By The Fire 03:38
5 Upon This Rock 04:18
6 Praise Him 04:06
7 Voicemail 2 01:06
8 He Brought Me Out 04:05
9 Deliver Me 04:47
10 Interlude 00:57
11 Romans 10:9 05:33
12 Pick Me Up 03:57
13 Voicemail 3 00:51
14 The Best Is Yet To Come 02:48
15 Walk By Faith 04:48
16 Voicemail 4 01:26
17 Thank You Jesus 03:07
18 War In The Spirit 03:30
19 Too Fast 03:29
20 If U Want Him To 04:35


“Tried By The Fire” is the fifth studio album by Oakland-based gospel rapper Agerman, also known as Ramone Curtis. Released on February 23, 2005, under All God Records, the album serves as a reflection of Agerman’s deep-rooted faith and his journey as a preacher and member of 3X Krazy.

The 20-track album begins with a brief “Intro” followed by “Amazing Grace,” a contemporary spin on the classic hymn. Interspersed throughout the album are four voicemail tracks, providing an intimate and personal touch to the listening experience.

“Tried By The Fire,” the title track, emphasizes the importance of perseverance and faith during challenging times. “Upon This Rock” and “Praise Him” further showcase Agerman’s unwavering commitment to his beliefs, while “He Brought Me Out” offers a powerful testimony of deliverance and redemption.

In “Deliver Me” and “Romans 10:9,” Agerman explores themes of salvation and the power of confession. Uplifting tracks like “Pick Me Up” and “The Best Is Yet To Come” provide motivation and encouragement for listeners navigating their own spiritual journeys.

“Walk By Faith” serves as a reminder to trust in God’s plan, while “Thank You Jesus” expresses gratitude for the blessings in life. The album also delves into the realities of spiritual warfare in “War In The Spirit” and the importance of taking time to grow in faith with “Too Fast.”

Closing the album is “If U Want Him To,” a reminder that trusting in God can lead to personal transformation and spiritual growth. “Tried By The Fire” stands as a testament to Agerman’s resilience and the power of faith in his life and music.



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