A.P.G. Crew – See The Light


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1 See The Light 04:26
2 Interview 00:10
3 Bomb Of The Bay 04:10
4 Ghetto Child 04:54
5 O’Gees In The Game 03:54
6 Hard To Go Platinum 05:28
7 Give Me A Light 07:55
8 Playa Hataz 05:22
9 Still Wanted By The Gov’t 04:17
10 Hittin Time 03:58
11 Hittin You Again / Sideways 03:32


“See The Light” is the third studio album from the Oakland-based rap group A.P.G. Crew, released in 1998 under Metro Records. Known for their unique G-Funk style, this cassette tape-only release offers a captivating blend of hard-hitting beats, smooth melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics. A.P.G. Crew, or Action Packed Gangsters, is comprised of Marlon “M.C. Mello Mar” Blackwell, Jimmy “J-Cutt” Robinson, Cold Comin’ Up (Professor T & DJ Pause), MC Red & DJ Red Slice (The Red Connection).

Side 1 of the album opens with the title track “See The Light,” setting the stage for a powerful listening experience. The album continues with “Interview,” followed by the captivating track “Bomb Of The Bay.” “Ghetto Child” dives into the struggles faced by those growing up in underprivileged environments, while “O’Gees In The Game” and “Hard To Go Platinum” showcase the group’s dedication to their craft and the challenges faced in the music industry.

Side 2 kicks off with “Give Me A Light,” followed by “Playa Hataz,” a track that speaks to the group’s resilience in the face of adversity. “Still Wanted By The Gov’t” delves into the complex relationship between the streets and the government, while “Hittin Time” and “Hittin You Again” demonstrate A.P.G. Crew’s lyrical prowess and ability to captivate audiences. The album concludes with the dynamic track “Sideways.”

“See The Light” is a compelling example of A.P.G. Crew’s immense talent and passion for their art. The album offers an intriguing snapshot of the group’s G-Funk style, capturing the essence of the late ’90s hip-hop scene in Oakland, California.


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