A-N-T – Choices


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1 Smoke Away The Pain 04:06
2 We All Got Problems 04:52
Featuring – Jazreel
3 Here To Stay 04:29
4 What Ya Gonna Do? 04:28
Featuring – Walt Swift
5 Footsteps Of Failure 04:00
6 Choices 05:18
7 I’m In Danger 03:38
Featuring – Jazreel
8 Nobody Knows 04:23
9 Trapped In The Storm 04:21
Featuring – Jazreel, Walt Swift
10 Intermission 00:56
11 Gett’em Up! 04:54


“Choices” is the only studio album by rapper A-N-T hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Released in 1997 under Rite-Chus Records, the album showcases A-N-T’s unique style that blends gangsta rap and conscious hip-hop. The album’s introspective lyrics and powerful messages demonstrate A-N-T’s ability to tackle pressing social issues while maintaining a compelling sound.

Featuring 11 tracks, “Choices” is a cohesive body of work that takes listeners on a journey through the struggles and triumphs of life. The album includes standout tracks like “Smoke Away The Pain,” “We All Got Problems,” and “Trapped In The Storm,” which highlight A-N-T’s storytelling abilities and lyrical prowess.

The album is produced by Walt Swift, who also contributes his talents as a featured artist on a couple of tracks. Other guest appearances on the album include Jazreel and Xavier J. Madison, who add depth to the overall sound and complement A-N-T’s powerful delivery. The production features a mix of heavy beats, melodic hooks, and strings, creating an immersive soundscape that supports A-N-T’s emotive lyrics.

Mastered by Don McKenzie and recorded and mixed at Swift Mix Studios, “Choices” is a polished and well-crafted album that showcases A-N-T’s skills as a rapper and his ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level. With its compelling messages and strong production, “Choices” remains a memorable release in the world of hip-hop.



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