490 Clic – Chiefin A Toast To Da Hood


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1 Chiefin A Toast To Da Hood 04:28
2 South Coast 06:09
3 Time For Murder 04:10
4 Time For Murder (Remix) 03:26
5 Outro 00:44


“Chiefin A Toast To Da Hood” is the second studio release by the rap group 490 Clic, hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. This EP, released on April 22, 1997, by 490 Records, showcases the group’s Gangsta hip-hop style and their unique Southern sound.

The EP consists of five tracks, each featuring the raw talent and powerful lyricism of the group’s members, including Fernando The Raider, Joe Lee, K-Ice, Valerie Pettigrew, Likki Bo, and T-Mac. The EP boasts a range of producers, such as T-Mac, Tank West, and Willie Johnson, who collaborate to create a cohesive and dynamic listening experience.

Standout tracks on “Chiefin A Toast To Da Hood” include the eponymous opening track, “South Coast,” and “Time For Murder.” The EP also features a remix of “Time For Murder” with additional contributions from Kato Diamond. The closing track, “Outro,” wraps up the EP with a strong finish.

“Chiefin A Toast To Da Hood” was recorded at Second Street Studio and Entertainment Lab, mixed at Second Street Studio, and mastered at 490 Records. The album artwork was created by Willie B. Johnson, and Joe Lee Pettigrew served as the executive producer for the project.

This EP captures the essence of the late ’90s hip-hop scene in the South, with its gritty lyrics and catchy beats. It stands as a testament to the talent and creativity of 490 Clic, and an important addition to the collection of any Gangsta hip-hop fan.



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