Yung Koop – The Contradiction


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1 Introductuction 03:01
Featuring – DJ Muda
2 Gossip Talk 03:49
Featuring – DJ Muda
3 SDL (On 1) 02:59
Featuring – DJ Muda
4 Don’t Touch Me 04:32
Featuring – DJ Muda
5 Money Keep Callin’ 02:50
Featuring – DJ Muda
6 Double Up 04:07
Featuring – Kurupt
7 Interlude 02:11
8 Gossip Talk (Part 2) 03:41
9 GMF (Get The $$ Fast) 03:16
Featuring – Ken Malik
10 On The Low 02:50
11 Turn Up 02:53
Featuring – Zilla
12 Polaroid Pictures 02:57
13 Squad Shit (Outro) 02:41


“The Contradiction” is a mixtape project by rapper Yung Koop, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on May 19, 2015, by Shui Cafe Records, the mixtape features a lineup of talented collaborators such as DJ Muda, Kurupt, Ken Malik, and Zilla. This project demonstrates Yung Koop’s skills as a rapper, showcasing his unique style and captivating storytelling abilities.

Across the 13 tracks on “The Contradiction,” Yung Koop explores a variety of themes, including ambition, loyalty, and the challenges faced by those growing up in the city. The mixtape starts with an “Introductuction,” featuring DJ Muda, which sets the tone for the project with its engaging beat and catchy hook.

Standout tracks on the mixtape include “Gossip Talk,” featuring DJ Muda, a track that delves into the rumors and drama that can come with life in the spotlight. “SDL (On 1),” another collaboration with DJ Muda, showcases Yung Koop’s ability to create memorable hooks and catchy beats.

“Double Up,” featuring Kurupt, is a highlight of the mixtape, demonstrating Yung Koop’s ability to collaborate with established artists and create a track that showcases their combined talents. Other notable tracks include “GMF (Get The $$ Fast),” featuring Ken Malik, and “Turn Up,” featuring Zilla, both of which highlight Yung Koop’s unique sound and style.

The mixtape concludes with “Squad Shit (Outro),” a track that ties together the themes explored throughout “The Contradiction” and leaves listeners with a lasting impression of Yung Koop’s talent as an up-and-coming artist in the West Coast rap scene.

Overall, “The Contradiction” is a strong mixtape that showcases Yung Koop’s potential as a rising star in the hip-hop community. With a diverse range of featured artists and a unique sound, this project is a must-listen for fans of West Coast rap and hip-hop enthusiasts in general.



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