Young Jay – Welcome 2 Tha Game


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1 Welcome 2 Tha Game 04:10
2 Jacker On Commision 05:06
3 Smoke Show 04:43
4 I’m Thankful 4 Mine 06:23
5 Jack Material 04:38
6 Playa By Far 06:02
7 Be A Fan 4 Life 04:20
8 Ridin’ Thru The Town 05:39


“Welcome 2 Tha Game” is the only studio album by rapper Young Jay from Hayward, California. Released in 1998 under the Fan 4 Life Records label, this album showcases Young Jay’s talent for blending G-Funk elements with smooth hip-hop beats. Consisting of eight tracks, “Welcome 2 Tha Game” takes listeners on a journey through Young Jay’s experiences and thoughts on life.

The album kicks off with the title track “Welcome 2 Tha Game,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. Tracks like “Jacker On Commission” and “Smoke Show” further demonstrate Young Jay’s ability to create catchy hooks and deliver memorable verses.

“I’m Thankful 4 Mine” is a standout track on the album, highlighting Young Jay’s gratitude for his blessings and accomplishments. As the album progresses, listeners are treated to songs like “Jack Material” and “Playa By Far,” which showcase the rapper’s versatile flow and lyrical prowess.

“Be A Fan 4 Life” serves as an ode to Young Jay’s loyal supporters, while the album closer, “Ridin’ Thru The Town,” offers a fitting conclusion to this engaging project.

Though “Welcome 2 Tha Game” remains the only studio album by Young Jay, it stands as a testament to his talent as an artist and his contributions to the G-Funk and hip-hop scenes in the late 90s.



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