Young Fame – Get Yours!


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1 What Ya Need 00:38
2 Mazes 03:59
3 That’s How It Happens 03:52
4 It’s A Girl Out There 04:30
5 My Peoples 03:55
6 Locked Down 02:03
7 Streets 2 The Pen 04:08
8 My Mind
9 Should It Be So Bad 03:44
10 Hanging, Banging, Slanging 04:05
11 It’s On… 04:38
12 Assed Out 00:59
13 Final Call 04:53
14 Just Believe 04:16
15 Since I Never Knew Ya 04:48
16 Blow One 01:00


“Get Yours!” is a rare and highly sought-after album by Los Angeles-based rapper Young Fame, released in 2000 under Fame Entertainment. This 16-track album showcases Young Fame’s versatile rap style and ability to capture the essence of life in Los Angeles at the time, offering a unique and authentic perspective to fans of West Coast hip-hop.

The album kicks off with the brief intro “What Ya Need,” setting the tone for the tracks that follow. “Mazes” is a thought-provoking track that delves into the complexities of life and the various paths we take. “That’s How It Happens” follows, offering listeners a hard-hitting account of the realities of life on the streets.

“It’s A Girl Out There” shifts gears, exploring the theme of love and relationships, while “My Peoples” serves as a tribute to the friends and family that have shaped Young Fame’s journey. The album then delves into darker themes with “Locked Down,” a gritty depiction of life behind bars.

“Streets 2 The Pen” continues to explore the challenging journey from the streets to prison, followed by the introspective track “My Mind.” “Should It Be So Bad” and “Hanging, Banging, Slanging” showcase Young Fame’s ability to craft engaging storytelling through his music.

The album picks up the pace with “It’s On…,” while “Assed Out” is a short but powerful track that speaks to the harsh realities of life. “Final Call” is an emotionally charged song about redemption and second chances, followed by the uplifting “Just Believe,” which encourages listeners to persevere through tough times.

“Since I Never Knew Ya” is a reflective track about lost connections, and the album concludes with the laid-back “Blow One.” Overall, “Get Yours!” is an impressive collection of songs that showcases Young Fame’s undeniable talent and provides listeners with an authentic West Coast hip-hop experience.


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