YGM Geez – Streets Of Compton


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1 Streets Of Compton (Radio) 03:52
2 Streets Of Compton 04:01


“Streets Of Compton” is a 1993 maxi-single released by the rap group YGM Geez from Compton, California. The single was released under the Ghetto Brains Records label, showcasing the group’s distinctive gangsta hip-hop style. This release encapsulates the raw energy and talent of the YGM Geez as they represent the streets of Compton during the early ’90s West Coast hip-hop scene.

The maxi-single features two versions of the same track, “Streets Of Compton,” allowing listeners to experience the song in both its radio edit and original form. The radio version, which runs for 3 minutes and 52 seconds, offers a more radio-friendly interpretation of the song, while the original version delivers the unfiltered, authentic sound of the YGM Geez.

“Streets Of Compton” showcases the group’s ability to blend hard-hitting beats with powerful lyrics, reflecting the reality of life in Compton during that time. The single serves as a testament to the group’s talent and their contribution to the West Coast hip-hop movement.

For fans of early ’90s gangsta rap and West Coast hip-hop, “Streets Of Compton” by YGM Geez is a must-listen, offering a glimpse into the lives and experiences of those who lived and created music during this iconic era.



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