Wo Nyce 500 – The Numbers EP


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1 Ya Feeling Me 02:37
2 The Blues 03:01
3 Remedy 03:10
4 Slow It Down 02:52
5 In My Jeans 03:29
6 Angela 03:38
7 Faded Freestyle 03:21


“The Numbers EP” is a compelling project by the rising rapper Wo Nyce 500, who hails from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on January 30, 2019, by Sauce Splash University, this 7-track EP highlights Wo Nyce 500’s distinct voice and versatile style in the hip-hop scene.

Kicking off with “Ya Feeling Me,” Wo Nyce 500 immediately grabs the listener’s attention with his smooth flow and catchy hooks. In “The Blues,” he delves into deeper emotions and life experiences, showcasing his introspective side. “Remedy” offers an upbeat vibe, with a memorable chorus that’s sure to stick in your head.

“Slow It Down” demonstrates Wo Nyce 500’s versatility, as he shifts gears to a more laid-back tempo while still delivering captivating lyricism. “In My Jeans” brings the energy back up with its infectious beat and clever wordplay. The heartfelt track “Angela” tells a personal story, further revealing Wo Nyce 500’s ability to connect with his audience on an emotional level.

Rounding out the project is “Faded Freestyle,” a showcase of Wo Nyce 500’s raw talent and impressive freestyle skills. Overall, “The Numbers EP” is a well-crafted collection that solidifies Wo Nyce 500’s place in the rap game and leaves listeners eager for more.



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