Westcoast Stone & Killa Tay – Salute The West


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1 Ballin 01:35
Featuring – Ella Labarrete, Jay Bellamy, Reyne Labarrete
2 Puttin Paint Where It Aint 04:07
Featuring – Big2DaBoy
3 Salute The West 04:05
Featuring – C Bo, Kokane, Wratchet Wrico
4 3 Wheel Motion 03:39
5 Doin It Movin 02:47
Featuring – Gangsta Nutt
6 Left Coast 02:11
Featuring – J Locc
7 So Fresh 03:14
Featuring – Suga Free
8 Rockin Wit Me 03:52
Featuring – Noclue
9 Smoke My Blunt 03:54
Featuring – Siccs
10 Born Killa 03:09
Featuring – Snowy, Wratchet Wrico
11 Guerilla Game 03:23
Featuring – Awall, Wratchet Wrico
12 Hustle Mines 03:31
Featuring – DJ Hotlink, Darrly Horne, Young Bleed
13 The West Coast 03:51
Featuring – Desiray, Duranged Pitt, J Fresh
14 Washington Plates 03:53
Featuring – Dead Rabbits
15 I Love My Spinich 02:30


“Salute The West” is a groundbreaking collaboration album between Seattle-based producer Westcoast Stone and Fresno rapper Killa Tay. Released in 2013, this self-released CD showcases the talents of these two artists, combining Westcoast Stone’s signature G-Funk production style with Killa Tay’s hard-hitting lyricism. With 15 tracks that pay homage to the West Coast, the album embodies the spirit and energy of Gangsta Hip Hop.

The album kicks off with “Ballin,” a lively track featuring Ella Labarrete, Jay Bellamy, and Reyne Labarrete. “Puttin Paint Where It Aint” follows, enlisting the talents of Big2DaBoy to deliver an engaging performance. The title track, “Salute The West,” is a powerful anthem featuring C Bo, Kokane, and Wratchet Wrico, representing the unity and strength of the West Coast.

“3 Wheel Motion” and “Doin It Movin” continue the album’s energetic vibe, with Gangsta Nutt lending his voice to the latter. “Left Coast,” featuring J Locc, and “So Fresh,” with a feature from Suga Free, further solidify the album’s commitment to celebrating the West Coast sound.

“Rockin Wit Me” showcases the skills of Noclue, while “Smoke My Blunt” brings in Siccs for a smooth collaboration. “Born Killa” introduces Snowy and Wratchet Wrico, and “Guerilla Game” sees Awall and Wratchet Wrico joining forces.

“Hustle Mines” features DJ Hotlink, Darrly Horne, and Young Bleed, and “The West Coast” brings together Desiray, Duranged Pitt, and J Fresh. “Washington Plates” highlights Dead Rabbits’ contribution, and the album concludes with the laid-back track, “I Love My Spinich.”



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