Victims Of Society – On The Run


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1 Intro 00:48
2 G-Shit 05:48
3 Life-Flyte Ghetto Bird 04:26
4 Mid-Night Creep 03:48
5 7-11 00:35
6 Playa Swans 04:04
7 Radio Request 00:36
8 Hustlas And Playas 04:41
9 On The Run 03:12
10 On Death Row 04:36
11 3 Levels 05:02
12 Hustlas And Playas (Radio Remix) 04:02
13 Answering Service 00:55
14 B…/…D 04:59
15 Do Or Die 02:52
Featuring – Big Dank, J-Mack
16 Nuthin’ But The “G” In Me 03:55
Featuring – J-Mack
17 Victims Of Sociey 05:12
18 Outro 03:03


“On The Run” is the one and only studio album by rap group Victims of Society, hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. Released on July 30, 1996, under Pup Dog Records, the album captures the essence of the mid-90s hip-hop scene with its raw and gritty sound.

Victims of Society, a gangsta rap group from Little Rock, Arkansas, made a lasting impression with their debut album “On The Run.” The album features 16 tracks, including a captivating intro and outro that bookend the project. Standout tracks such as “G-Shit,” “Midnight Creep,” “Playa Swang,” and the eponymous “On The Run” showcase the group’s unapologetic storytelling and lyrical prowess.

Additional vocals by Brian Blackmon are featured on “Hustlas And Playas” and its radio version, while Ta-Tanysha Rosby contributes to “Victims Of Society.” The track “Do Or Die” features raps by Big Dank, T&J, J-Mack, and Lil-A, offering a dynamic range of voices and styles.

Executive-produced by Mark Jones and with A&R direction from Toney Holley, “On The Run” boasts a cohesive and polished sound. Producers Ardell Allen and Jay John, along with production assistant Steve Wilson, ensure that the album’s beats and instrumentals complement the group’s compelling lyrics and powerful performances.

“On The Run” is a testament to the talent and unique perspective of Victims of Society. Their genuine portrayal of life and struggles in Little Rock, Arkansas, combined with their distinctive sound and captivating storytelling, make this album an essential listen for fans of 90s hip-hop and gangsta rap.



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