Various – Scrapers, White Ts And 23s (Reece Loc Presents)


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1 Tee Ohh Ohh Gee 02:56
2 Jdubb I Glow 02:42
3 Mac Tre Paper Fast 02:58
Featuring – Reece Loc
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4 T-Loc Keep My Name Outcha Mouff (Bonus Track) 02:54
5 June Da P, Money, D-Rock, Fly Guy Cali Nigga 03:21
6 Emmoral, Rob-L, Savage Street Code 04:04
7 Rap Star Falcon Thuggin 03:23
8 Cw Da Youngblood, Yung Cat My Guys 03:04
9 Freeze, Jay Kcopone, Cutthroat, Feddy Eddy, Lil Tryston Imm On 05:33
10 D Kash, Lil Brick Grind, Hustle 03:43
11 Intl Skeam Ride Fo Me 02:55
12 Stubb, Scrill Burn Up The Track 04:08
13 Blocc Monsta So Serious 02:54
Featuring – Reece Loc
14 Yvyg Phone Call 02:29
15 Squoggy Bear Jelousy 03:19
Featuring – Reece Loc
16 Macs-A-Million, Mac & AK Shinin 03:38
17 Pappy My Wrist 02:42
18 Sav Da P, Stubb, Scrill Ajetjet 03:58
19 Spi-Daman, June Da P In Fresno California 03:53
20 Rydah J. Klyde, Lil Tryston, Cutthroat Street Marine 04:07
21 T-Loc, Scrillion Capone Turf Shark 03:12


“Scrapers, White Ts And 23s (Reece Loc Presents)” is a mixed compilation project featuring various talented artists, released on August 10, 2012, by Green Time Ent. This diverse and dynamic collection of 21 tracks showcases the unique styles and flows of different artists, offering a fresh and engaging listening experience for fans of hip-hop music.

The compilation kicks off with Tee Ohh’s “Ohh Gee,” a track that sets the energetic tone for the album. Jdubb’s “I Glow” follows, offering smooth and catchy beats. Mac Tre’s “Paper Fast,” featuring Reece Loc, adds to the compilation’s impressive variety of sounds and styles.

T-Loc’s “Keep My Name Outcha Mouff (Bonus Track)” provides a memorable and assertive track, while June Da P, Money, D-Rock, and Fly Guy collaborate on the catchy and powerful “Cali Nigga.” “Street Code” by Emmoral, Rob-L, and Savage showcases an intense and hard-hitting track that further diversifies the compilation.

The album features other notable collaborations like Cw Da Youngblood and Yung Cat’s “My Guys,” Freeze, Jay Kcopone, Cutthroat, Feddy Eddy, and Lil Tryston’s “Imm On,” and D Kash and Lil Brick’s “Grind, Hustle.” Each track adds its own unique flavor to the compilation, ensuring a diverse and engaging listening experience.

“Scrapers, White Ts And 23s” also includes tracks like Intl Skeam’s “Ride Fo Me,” Stubb and Scrill’s “Burn Up The Track,” Blocc Monsta’s “So Serious,” featuring Reece Loc, and Yvyg’s “Phone Call.” With every track offering something different, this compilation is a must-listen for any hip-hop fan.

The album concludes with powerful tracks like Rydah J. Klyde, Lil Tryston, and Cutthroat’s “Street Marine” and T-Loc and Scrillion Capone’s “Turf Shark,” leaving a lasting impression and highlighting the diverse talent showcased in this project.



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