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1 Kurtis Blow Jr. Strings & Louis V 04:13
2 Yukmouth, C-Bo: Thug Lordz Wake Up 03:44
Featuring – The Jacka, Mr. Probz
3 Pac Div High Five 04:33
4 Kurtis Blow Jr. Ima Do Me 04:04
5 The Game Worldwide 01:22
6 Yukmouth, C-Bo: Thug Lordz Thug Lordz 04:56
7 The Game Run 04:14
Featuring – Snoop Dogg
8 The Game Ghost Writer 03:53
9 Pac Div Useless 04:39
Featuring – Asher Roth
10 The Game Killa Cali 02:53
11 The Game Homicide 02:34
Featuring – Lil Wayne
12 The Ranger$ Present… Hot Like Me 03:20
Featuring – Baby Dollz
13 The Game The Pledge 03:25
14 Pac Div Brown 03:43
15 The Ranger$ Takeover 03:27
Featuring – Hardhead
16 Yukmouth, C-Bo: Thug Lordz Thug Money 03:33
Featuring – Bo-Roc
17 Pac Div Posted 03:09
18 Kurtis Blow Jr. The Anthem 03:14
19 The Ranger$ Like I Should 03:25
20 Pac Div Life Is Good 03:12
21 The Ranger$ Present… Function 03:19
Featuring – Cliff Savage, Indigo Vanity, BeeBee
22 Pac Div Top Down 04:21
Featuring – Skeme, Casey Veggies


“RBC Records Presents… Only On The West Side” is a compilation album featuring various artists that was released on March 27, 2012. This diverse and energetic collection brings together a stellar lineup of West Coast talents, showcasing their individual styles and unique takes on hip-hop. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, this compilation is a celebration of the West Coast’s undeniable influence on the genre.

The album kicks off with Kurtis Blow Jr.’s “Strings & Louis V,” setting a high-energy tone for the rest of the compilation. The listener is treated to an impressive array of collaborations, such as Yukmouth and C-Bo: Thug Lordz teaming up with The Jacka and Mr. Probz on “Wake Up,” and Pac Div delivering a fresh sound on “High Five.”

Heavy-hitters like The Game and Snoop Dogg come together on “Run,” while The Game also collaborates with Lil Wayne on “Homicide.” Further blending styles, Pac Div and Asher Roth join forces on “Useless,” showcasing the depth of talent and creativity within the West Coast scene.

The Ranger$ Present… “Hot Like Me,” featuring Baby Dollz, brings a youthful and upbeat vibe to the compilation, while tracks like “Thug Money” by Yukmouth, C-Bo: Thug Lordz, and Bo-Roc highlight the classic West Coast sound.

Other standout tracks include “Posted” by Pac Div, “The Anthem” by Kurtis Blow Jr., and “Like I Should” by The Ranger$. The compilation concludes with “Top Down” by Pac Div, featuring Skeme and Casey Veggies, leaving the listener with a strong impression of the talent and versatility found on the West Coast.

“RBC Records Presents… Only On The West Side” is a vibrant and captivating compilation that showcases the best of West Coast hip-hop, proving that the region’s influence and talent continue to thrive.



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