Various – Phat Flava From The Funky Flatz City


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1 ReSha Young Funk 04:49
2 ReSha Saggin’ Jeans 03:24
3 Ego Funky Flatz 04:47
4 Ego Nuthin’ But Some G’s 04:16
5 Federal B Back To Reality 04:14
6 Dungeon 24-7 Rollin’ Around The Way 05:01
7 Dungeon 24-7 Playas-N-Hustlas 04:29
8 “G” Ryme The Beat Addic Callin’ Cuties 04:24
9 “G” Ryme The Beat Addic Chantel 04:40
10 J-Luv I Have A Dream 04:24


“Phat Flava From The Funky Flatz City” is a dynamic compilation album featuring a collection of various artists, showcasing an eclectic mix of jazzy hip-hop and gangsta rap styles. Released in 1995 by Vault Productions and Rhythm City Productions, this album offers a diverse lineup of talent that gives listeners a taste of the unique music scene of that time.

Opening the album is ReSha with “Young Funk,” a track that blends Antoine Maddox’s lyrical prowess with Isaiah Pena’s masterful scratching. ReSha returns with “Saggin’ Jeans,” co-produced by “G” Ryme The Beat Addic, delivering a catchy tune that captures the vibe of the era.

Ego brings the smooth “Funky Flatz,” featuring Jason Bone, and the laid-back “Nuthin’ But Some G’s,” with Charmaine M.I. Gray on backing vocals and Darrell G. J. Carbullido on the talkbox.

Federal B’s “Back To Reality” offers a reflective track, featuring backing vocals from Plesor and co-production by Federal B. Dungeon 24-7 delivers two tracks, “Rollin’ Around The Way” and “Playas-N-Hustlas,” showcasing their talent for storytelling and catchy hooks.

“G” Ryme The Beat Addic brings a touch of romance to the compilation with “Callin’ Cuties” and “Chantel,” both co-produced by the artist. Finally, J-Luv’s powerful “I Have A Dream” closes the album, featuring Plesor on backing vocals.

With production, engineering, coordination, keyboards, and concept handled by Darrell G. J. Carbullido and Jimmie L. Weaver, the compilation is a cohesive project that highlights the range and depth of talent on offer.

“Phat Flava From The Funky Flatz City” is an intriguing compilation that brings together a variety of artists and styles, offering a glimpse into the vibrant hip-hop scene of the mid-90s.



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