Various – Lowrider Hip Hop


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1 Mr. Capone, Mr. Crimminal, Silent Shake Your Thing 04:11
2 Sonny Blue The Drop 03:13
3 Jump Off, Abusivo, Phastlane D. The Anthem 03:28
4 Mr. Trippalot, Dinero Somos Mexicanos (Spanish) 03:33
5 Wicked Minds We Gets Wicked 03:03
6 Big Weets My Dime 04:00
7 Myke Nez Don’t Let No One Grt You Down 02:53
8 Gangero Mi Estilo (Spanish) 03:49
9 Big Dave Slam It 03:54
10 Bullet Getcha Hands Up 03:45
Featuring – King Lil G
11 Mr. Trippalot, Dinero, Mr. Rhymes, Shifty Behind The West Coast 02:41
12 K-Gee I Ain’t Been Myself 03:23
13 Bullet From The Block 03:48
14 Cholita Vatos 04:02
15 Wicked Minds Let U Know 03:56
16 Mr. Trippalot California 03:03
17 Dinero, Shady Boy, Duece Things Change 04:17
18 Dinero Get Your Money 03:15


Lowrider Hip Hop is a compilation album by various artists. The compilation was released in 2007 by Thump Records and has features by Mr. Capone, Mr. Crimminal, Silent, Sonny Blue, Jump Off, Abusivo, Phastlane D., Mr. Trippalot, Dinero, Wicked Minds, Big Weets, Myke Nez, Gangero, Big Dave, Bullet, King Lil G, Mr. Rhymes, Shifty, K-Gee, Cholita, Shady Boy and Duece.



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