Various – Flamin’ B-Dawgs Come Better.


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1 Waynie B. And Crew Papa DL 01:03
2 Studio Gangsta Back Down Denver Lane 05:14
3 Rider Bone Of Centerpark Silent Type Killas 04:08
4 June Dawg, Braze Mac YG’s Got Big Dicks 03:39
5 Loonie, Maniac, Bo-Capone, Sleep Gangsta Shit 05:06
6 Eastside Piru Eastside Hustler’s 04:23
7 O.G.B. Stone Midnight 00:34
8 June Dawg, Braze Mac Nina Block 04:13
9 Tim-Tee, Maniac Heart Beat Of A Gangsta 04:06
10 Braze Mac, June Dawg Westside YG’s 04:20
11 V.N.G. Mafia V.N.G. Wuz Da Case 03:47
12 Rider Bone Of Centerpark Retaliate 03:58
13 Eastside Piru ESP 04:12
14 June Dawg, Lil Hawk Mafia Lane 04:16
15 Lil Hawk, Tiny Loc, K-Low, June Dawg Crenshaw Mafia 04:45
16 O.G.B. Stone B-Dawg’s In The House 00:30
17 O.G.B. Stone, V.N.G., L-Mac B-Dawgs’s Roll Call 04:44


“Flamin’ B-Dawgs Come Better” is an extremely rare compilation album featuring various artists, released on January 30, 1996, by Triple X Entertainment. This compilation showcases the talents of Waynie B. And Crew, Studio Gangsta, Rider Bone Of Centerpark, June Dawg, Braze Mac, Loonie, Maniac, Bo-Capone, Sleep, Eastside Piru, O.G.B. Stone, Tim-Tee, V.N.G. Mafia, Lil Hawk, Tiny Loc, K-Low, and L-Mac, making it a unique and valuable addition to any hip-hop collection.

The album kicks off with a brief introduction from Waynie B. And Crew in “Papa DL,” followed by Studio Gangsta’s “Back Down Denver Lane” featuring Stacie Luvly One, a track that showcases a G-Funk influenced sound that was popular in the 90s.

Rider Bone Of Centerpark brings their distinct style to “Silent Type Killas,” while June Dawg and Braze Mac join forces for “YG’s Got Big Dicks,” a track that further demonstrates the compilation’s diversity in sound and style.

“Gangsta Shit,” a collaboration between Loonie, Maniac, Bo-Capone, and Sleep, delves into the gritty and raw side of hip-hop. Eastside Piru’s “Eastside Hustler’s,” backed by Dee Dee, is another standout track on the album, highlighting the group’s talents and solidifying the album’s gangsta theme.

Midway through the compilation, O.G.B. Stone delivers a brief interlude with “Midnight,” before June Dawg and Braze Mac return for the track “Nina Block.” Tim-Tee and Maniac collaborate on “Heart Beat Of A Gangsta,” showcasing their storytelling and lyrical abilities.

The album continues with tracks such as “Westside YG’s” by Braze Mac and June Dawg, “V.N.G. Wuz Da Case” by V.N.G. Mafia, and “Retaliate” by Rider Bone Of Centerpark, maintaining the album’s high energy and hard-hitting beats.

“Flamin’ B-Dawgs Come Better” concludes with tracks like “ESP” by Eastside Piru, “Mafia Lane” by June Dawg and Lil Hawk, “Crenshaw Mafia” by Lil Hawk, Tiny Loc, K-Low, and June Dawg, and the fitting finale, “B-Dawgs’s Roll Call” by O.G.B. Stone, V.N.G., and L-Mac.



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