Various – Flamin’ B-Dawgs Come Better.

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1 Waynie B. And Crew Papa DL 01:03
2 Studio Gangsta Back Down Denver Lane 05:14
3 Rider Bone Of Centerpark Silent Type Killas 04:08
4 June Dawg, Braze Mac YG’s Got Big Dicks 03:39
5 Loonie, Maniac, Bo-Capone, Sleep Gangsta Shit 05:06
6 Eastside Piru Eastside Hustler’s 04:23
7 O.G.B. Stone Midnight 00:34
8 June Dawg, Braze Mac Nina Block 04:13
9 Tim-Tee, Maniac Heart Beat Of A Gangsta 04:06
10 Braze Mac, June Dawg Westside YG’s 04:20
11 V.N.G. Mafia V.N.G. Wuz Da Case 03:47
12 Rider Bone Of Centerpark Retaliate 03:58
13 Eastside Piru ESP 04:12
14 June Dawg, Lil Hawk Mafia Lane 04:16
15 Lil Hawk, Tiny Loc, K-Low, June Dawg Crenshaw Mafia 04:45
16 O.G.B. Stone B-Dawg’s In The House 00:30
17 O.G.B. Stone, V.N.G., L-Mac B-Dawgs’s Roll Call 04:44


Flamin’ B-Dawgs Come Better. is an extremely rare compilation by various artists. The compilation was released on January 30, 1996 by Triple X Entertainment and has features by Waynie B. And Crew, Studio Gangsta, Rider Bone Of Centerpark, June Dawg, Braze Mac, Loonie, Maniac, Bo-Capone, Sleep, Eastside Piru, O.G.B. Stone, Tim-Tee, V.N.G. Mafia, Lil Hawk, Tiny Loc, K-Low and L-Mac.



MP3-320, FLAC (Lossless)


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