Unforgiven – Heaven Or Hell


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1 Intro 00:21
2 Heaven Or Hell 02:45
3 Been A Long Time 04:00
4 Time To Die (Interlude) 00:10
5 Somebody’s Gonna Die Tonite 03:23
6 Living The Life As A Hustler 03:55
7 Turn It Up 02:14
8 Eruption 00:34
9 I Know U Want Me 03:41
10 781 Redrum 04:35
11 We In The Game Now 02:55
12 My Girl 03:51
13 Poetry For The Masses 00:45
14 Silent Assassin 04:24
15 Everyday 04:49
16 The Hit 02:00
17 We Major 03:31
18 Night Breeze 03:42
19 Booty Talk 02:39
20 Losing My Mind 02:57
21 In My City 03:52


“Heaven or Hell” is the sole studio album by Los Angeles-based rap duo Unforgiven, consisting of members Floss P and Sir Lan. Released on March 28, 2000, under their own label, Unforgiven Music, the album showcases the group’s talent in the hip hop genre, specifically the gangsta rap style.

This 15-track album takes listeners on a journey through the gritty reality of life in the streets of Los Angeles. With Floss P handling the majority of the production and Sir Lan contributing to the track “The Hit,” the album demonstrates the duo’s creative prowess and chemistry as they navigate themes of hustling, survival, and the struggle between good and evil.

The album opens with “Viewpark Hustlaz,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. Tracks like “Living the Life as a Hustler,” “Somebody’s Gonna Die Tonite” featuring Wishbone, and “Hustla Nation” featuring Y.G., delve into the harsh realities and raw emotions associated with life on the streets. “Poetry for the Masses,” a spoken word piece by Sir Lan, offers a brief respite from the intense narrative, while “Everyday” featuring Where And Who, with additional vocals by Sarah Martin, adds a more melodic and introspective touch to the album.

The album concludes with the powerful and thought-provoking title track “Heaven or Hell,” leaving listeners to ponder the choices and consequences faced by those living in such challenging circumstances.

Executive-produced by Floss P, Shiheed Bone Sloan, and Wishbone, “Heaven or Hell” stands as a testament to Unforgiven’s talent and the impact of their music on the hip-hop scene during the early 2000s. Despite being their only studio album, Unforgiven’s “Heaven or Hell” has left a lasting impression on fans and fellow artists alike, serving as an authentic reflection of the struggles and experiences encountered by many during that time.

As a snapshot of a specific era in Los Angeles, the album remains a significant contribution to the West Coast hip-hop movement. Floss P and Sir Lan’s storytelling and lyricism create a vivid and engaging portrait of life in the city, while their collaborative production efforts result in an album that is both cohesive and compelling.

Though Unforgiven may not have released any additional projects, “Heaven or Hell” remains a cherished piece of hip-hop history. It stands as a reminder of the power of music to capture the essence of a time and place, and the importance of artistic expression in sharing the stories and experiences of those who might otherwise go unheard.



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