Underground Posse – The Come Up


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1 Criminal Set 01:20
2 The Underground 04:07
3 Pimpin’ Hoes 04:02
4 Gangsta Funk 04:13
5 Straight Jackin’ 03:34
6 Blast His Ass 04:38
7 Niggas With Heart 04:14
8 Sellin’ Yayo 04:46
9 2000 Days 04:18
10 Rollin’ 04:36
11 The Shit Felt Real Good 04:11
12 The Come Up 04:52
13 Worse Than A Dopefiend 03:56


“The Come Up” is the debut studio album by rap group Underground Posse, hailing from Vallejo and Fairfield, California. Released exclusively on cassette tape in 1992 by Bullet Hole Records, this album showcases the group’s gritty and raw gangsta and hardcore hip-hop styles.

Side U opens with “Criminal Set,” a track that sets the tone for the album. The following tracks, “The Underground,” “Pimpin’ Hoes,” “Gangsta Funk,” “Straight Jackin’,” and “Blast His Ass” further display Underground Posse’s penchant for hard-hitting beats and uncompromising lyrics.

Side G.P. kicks off with “Niggas With Heart,” followed by “Sellin’ Yayo,” “2000 Days,” “Rollin’,” “The Shit Felt Real Good,” “The Come Up,” and “Worse Than A Dopefiend.” Each track on this side continues to delve into the gritty realities of street life and showcases the group’s storytelling abilities.

Engineered and programmed by Iceberg, with executive production by John Dickson, the album’s production is helmed by U.G.P., who also mixed and wrote the tracks. John Dickson contributes additional writing on the track “Pimpin’ Hoes.” The album is mastered by Big Bass Brian, ensuring a powerful sound throughout.

Underground Posse, also known as Boss Players and U.G.P., made a strong debut with “The Come Up.” The group’s unapologetic approach to storytelling and their raw, authentic sound make this album a testament to the gangsta and hardcore hip-hop styles that dominated the early 90s.


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