Underground Posse – Breakin’ Out!

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1 The Underground 04:43
2 I Won’t Be Broke (Funky Mix) 04:18
3 I Won’t Be Broke (Radio Mix) 04:15
4 Shake It For Me 05:21


“Breakin’ Out!” is a very rare release by the rap group Underground Posse from Vallejo and Fairfield, California. This EP was released in 1990 by Sure Shot Records and features the group’s early, unmistakable gangsta hip-hop style.

The EP consists of four tracks, opening with “The Underground,” a powerful introduction to the group’s signature sound. The second track, “I Won’t Be Broke (Funky Mix),” showcases their ability to incorporate funk elements into their music while maintaining their gritty, raw edge.

On Side B, “I Won’t Be Broke (Radio Mix)” offers a more radio-friendly version of the track, making it accessible to a wider audience. The EP closes with “Shake It For Me,” a track that highlights Underground Posse’s versatility and ability to create catchy, engaging music.

Underground Posse’s “Breakin’ Out!” EP is a testament to the group’s early talent, and it would set the stage for their later releases. With executive production by John Dickson and production by Aswad, Mack X, and Sandman, this EP features polished production values that enhance the group’s raw and powerful sound.

“Breakin’ Out!” is an essential piece for any collector or fan of early gangsta hip-hop, offering a glimpse into the beginnings of Underground Posse’s music career. Despite its rarity, this EP continues to be celebrated for its authentic representation of the gangsta hip-hop genre during its heyday.

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