Tweedy Bird Loc – 187 Ride By


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1 South Bronx Can’t Touch Compton 05:17
Featuring – Att Will, Big D Mark, Notorious Joe, Hitman D, The Underworld Connection
2 (Intro) Fu’k Ya’ll 01:03
3 What’s Really Goin On 06:09
4 My Dick Is Predjudice 05:05
Featuring – Nini X
5 Comin Out The Cage 04:20
Featuring – A-Love, Att Will, Big D Mark, Notorious Joe, Nini X, Hitman D, Smooth, The Underworld Connection
6 (Intro) Who’s Makin Love 00:48
Featuring – The Underworld Connection
7 Stupid Shit 04:28
Featuring – Big D Mark, Geek & Noise, Nini X, Hitman D, Smooth, The Underworld Connection
8 A Hoe Is A Bitch 05:07
Featuring – Nini X
9 Tweedy’s Teed Off 04:08
10 187 Ride By 03:34
Featuring – Big D Mark
11 (Intro) A Punk Motha Fu’ka 00:21
12 Murder One 04:24
Featuring – Nini X
13 (Intro) Sell Out News Flash 00:26
14 Takin Out The Judges 04:43
15 (Intro) Smoking Chronic 01:08
16 Compton Blocks 04:15
Featuring – Geek & Noise
17 Black Court In Session 04:07
Featuring – Nini X
18 (Intro) Homies Here And Gone 01:23
19 You Don’t Hear Me Though 04:20
20 Jackin For Transpo 04:23


“187 Ride By” is the debut studio album by Compton, California rapper Tweedy Bird Loc, released on September 14, 1992, by Par Records. This gangsta hip-hop album features 20 tracks, showcasing Tweedy Bird Loc’s raw and unapologetic style, touching on life in Compton and various social issues.

The album opens with “South Bronx Can’t Touch Compton,” featuring a slew of guest rappers including Att Will, Big D Mark, Notorious Joe, Hitman D, and The Underworld Connection. “What’s Really Goin On” and “My Dick Is Predjudice” delve into social commentary, with the latter featuring Nini X. “Comin Out The Cage” is a collaboration with multiple artists, further cementing Tweedy Bird Loc’s presence in the rap scene.

Other standout tracks on the album include “A Hoe Is A Bitch,” “Tweedy’s Teed Off,” “187 Ride By,” and “Murder One.” Each song highlights Tweedy Bird Loc’s unique flow and storytelling abilities. The intros sprinkled throughout the album add a sense of cohesion and narrative to the listening experience.

“187 Ride By” was engineered by Batte and produced by R.W. Lewis and R.M. Phillips, with associate producers including Kevin “Battlecat” Gilliam. The album is copyrighted by Par Records and was mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering. The artwork for the album was created by Oneil Arce and Vernino Basila, with photography by Anna Izzagurri and Cliff Badowski.

As the debut studio album by Tweedy Bird Loc, “187 Ride By” offers a candid and powerful insight into the streets of Compton, making it an essential listen for fans of West Coast gangsta rap.



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