TreeChoppa – TreeChoppa Presents: Gotta Get It Vol.1


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1 Rap Status Intro 00:39
Featuring – Lieutenant, DJ Fai
2 It’s Ok 04:01
Featuring – Drew Da Legend
3 Stoned Out 02:28
Featuring – N.O.Y.B. Boys
4 We Ridin 04:25
Featuring – Sleepdank
5 Get It Pop’n 02:03
6 Ice So Cold 02:14
Featuring – Courtesy1
7 Do It Movin 03:56
Featuring – Fly-Y Of Tha Pillionaires, Courtesy1
8 Dont Let Me Down 03:11
Featuring – Courtesy1
9 Swing My Way 03:42
Featuring – Foe-Kast, Courtesy1
10 Let Them Thangs Go 03:36
Featuring – N.O.Y.B. Boys
11 Dummy For A Dollar 02:33
Featuring – Trey Stylez
12 Fresno To Porterville 02:30
Featuring – Sin, Courtesy1
13 No Bullsh*t 03:17
Featuring – YSL
14 Barz (thaMovement) 02:42
15 Sound Bite Skit 01:14
Featuring – Big Fresno


“TreeChoppa Presents: Gotta Get It Vol.1” is a compilation album by the Fresno, California rapper TreeChoppa. Released on April 21, 2009, the album features a variety of collaborations with other artists, including Lieutenant, DJ Fai, Drew Da Legend, Sleepdank, Courtesy1, Fly-Y Of Tha Pillionaires, Foe-Kast, Trey Stylez, Sin, and YSL. The album was released through THIZZ/535, and showcases TreeChoppa’s distinctive style and delivery, as well as his ability to collaborate with other artists from different regions and styles.

The album kicks off with an introductory track titled “Rap Status Intro,” featuring Lieutenant and DJ Fai, before launching into the first full-length track, “It’s Ok,” which features Drew Da Legend. From there, the album delivers a series of hard-hitting tracks that showcase TreeChoppa’s lyrical prowess and delivery, including “Stoned Out,” featuring the N.O.Y.B. Boys, “We Ridin,” featuring Sleepdank, and “Do It Movin,” featuring Fly-Y Of Tha Pillionaires and Courtesy1.

Other standout tracks on the album include “Dummy For A Dollar,” featuring Trey Stylez, and “Fresno To Porterville,” featuring Sin and Courtesy1. The album closes out with the track “Sound Bite Skit,” featuring Big Fresno, which serves as a fitting conclusion to an album that showcases the diverse talents of TreeChoppa and his collaborators. “TreeChoppa Presents: Gotta Get It Vol.1” is a must-listen for fans of West Coast rap, and a testament to the thriving underground hip-hop scene in Fresno and beyond.



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