The Youngen – Hell To The New School


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1 Mind Of A Menace 03:08
2 Big Boo ‘T 03:22
3 High Dope City 04:26
Featuring – C-Funk, Ghost Pimp
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4 Younstas On The Street 03:26
5 Time To Get Bubbed 04:02
6 Played By The Industry 03:34
Featuring – C-Funk, Chunk
7 The New School 04:15
8 Back To Reality 03:40
9 W.S. Freestyle 02:44
10 Just Gotta Do 03:44
11 Young Ho’s Aint Shit 03:11
12 The Youngen 04:06


“Hell To The New School” is the one and only studio album by rapper The Youngen from East Palo Alto, California. Released on May 1, 1992, by Tandem Records, the album features 12 tracks that showcase The Youngen’s unique gangsta hip-hop style.

The album opens with “Mind Of A Menace,” setting the stage for the gritty themes and hard-hitting beats that characterize the rest of the record. Tracks like “Big Boo ‘T,” “Younstas On The Street,” and “Time To Get Bubbed” highlight The Youngen’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities. “High Dope City” and “Played By The Industry” showcase collaborations with fellow rappers C-Funk, Ghost Pimp From 5 Deep, and Chunk, adding an extra layer of depth to the album.

“The New School,” “Back To Reality,” and “W.S. Freestyle” continue the album’s exploration of life in the streets, while “Just Gotta Do” and “Young Ho’s Aint Shit” delve into relationships and personal struggles. The album concludes with the self-titled track “The Youngen,” rounding out the listening experience.

Distributed, manufactured, and copyrighted by Tandem Records, “Hell To The New School” is published by Atherton Music. The album’s production is handled by Dave Christian, who also co-wrote the tracks with Harold Atkins, the real name of The Youngen.

As a unique snapshot of The Youngen’s talent and perspective, “Hell To The New School” remains an important contribution to the early 1990s hip-hop scene, especially for fans of the East Palo Alto rap community.



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