The Myk & Tony Show – Sick Cinema


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1 Sick Cinema Trailer 00:37
2 Beg Me Not To Blast 05:59
3 Double Dare You 04:57
Featuring – Jules Winnfield
4 Body Bag 04:32
5 Maggot Food 04:06
6 Pulp Fiction 04:33
7 Happy Face 03:42
8 Comic Book 03:23
9 Lock Your Doors Pt. 2 03:12
10 We Came To Bury You 04:03
11 Hired Guns 02:54
Featuring – Prince Po
12 Suicide Rap 03:40
13 Trouble With The Curve 03:17
Featuring – Toquan The MC
14 Horror Show 05:32
15 Mafia Muzick 04:06
16 Starters 03:26
Featuring – Rasco
17 What Can I Do 03:27
Featuring – Black Stephan
18 My Brothers Keeper 05:06


“Sick Cinema” is a gritty and intense collaboration album by two prominent rappers from Los Angeles, California, The Myk (Mykill Miers) and Tony Show. Released on July 1, 2014, by Abnormal Entertainment / Mykill Miers Musick, the album boasts of a hard-hitting sound and impressive lyrical skills of the two emcees.

The album opens with a “Sick Cinema Trailer” which sets the tone for the dark and foreboding atmosphere that runs throughout the album. The tracks on the album are heavy on drums and bass, with haunting and eerie soundscapes providing a perfect backdrop for the uncompromising and raw lyrics.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Double Dare You” featuring Jules Winnfield, which showcases the lyrical dexterity of both The Myk and Tony Show over a sinister beat. Other notable tracks on the album include “Body Bag,” “Maggot Food,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “Horror Show.”

The album also features collaborations with some other notable emcees such as Prince Po, Toquan The MC, Rasco, and Black Stephan. With its gritty and uncompromising sound, “Sick Cinema” is a must-listen for fans of hardcore and underground hip-hop.



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