The Kloud 9 Posse – Here To Represent


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1 Intro 01:04
2 Represent 06:45
3 Rollin 03:00
4 Rebel Mind 03:19
5 Hand In The Air 04:06
6 Hard From The Start 06:27
7 Get So High 03:34
8 War 06:41
9 Wickedness 03:49
10 Lil Hustler 04:00
11 Lyrical Bomb Rush 04:27
12 Terror 05:09
13 Knocking Niggers Out 04:31
14 Murder Madness 07:21
15 Outro 05:23


“Here To Represent” is the one and only studio album by rap group The Kloud 9 Posse, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Released in 1996 under Big Hall Records, this album is a reflection of the gangsta rap scene of the mid-90s, showcasing the raw talent and passion of the group members.

With 15 tracks, “Here To Represent” takes listeners on a journey through the gritty streets of Birmingham, providing an authentic and unapologetic look at life in the city. From the opening “Intro” by DJ Steele to the closing “Outro” featuring Rony T, Lil Loe, Guillotyn, Mozzberg, and DJ Steele, the album delivers a powerful mix of hard-hitting beats and compelling lyrics that capture the essence of the gangsta rap style.

Standout tracks in the album include “Represent” by Rod and Lil Loe, “Rollin” by Roni T and Lil Loe, “Rebel Mind” by Guillotyn and Mozzberg, and “Hand In The Air” by Roni T and Lil Loe. The album also features tracks like “Get So High” and “War,” which showcase the diverse talents of the group members as they collaborate to create a unique and engaging listening experience.

“Here To Represent” is a testament to The Kloud 9 Posse’s dedication to their craft, offering a snapshot of the 90s gangsta rap scene and the creativity that emerged from it. For fans of the genre, this album serves as a reminder of the raw talent and passion that defined the era.



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