Tha Kompound – Recognize Where The Funk Lyes: We Got’Em All


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1 T’ Dog I’m Just A Hustla 04:09
2 Terror Dome Ain’t No Tellin 04:09
3 Lil T Livin In A Fantasy 04:35
4 V.O.S. Sheddin Tears 04:08
5 Shaboodah, Indo, Tre’ Straight Servin 04:29
6 Mr. Jones, The Underboss A-1 Cola 05:47
7 Lil J, Big Dank Locd’ Out And Kurrupt 04:48
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8 Indo N*$$%s Don’t Understand Me 04:26
9 Chalcedony, Sapphire Can’t Keep It Steady 04:49
10 Shaboodah A Child Raised In Poverty 05:17
11 Str8t Blue Gangsta Loc Look 4 Me 04:22
12 King Jack Suicide 03:54
Featuring – Fifty Rich, Tha E.S.O.P.
13 Tre’ Stressed 05:09
14 J-Mac, Big Dank Boss Hoggin 03:40
15 Family Thugs Tearz Of Pain 05:08
16 Terror Dome 16th Bump 01:11


“Recognize Where The Funk Lyes: We Got’Em All” is a compilation album by Tha Kompound, a collective of artists from Little Rock, Arkansas. Released in 1997 by Pup Dog Records, the album showcases a variety of hip-hop styles, with a focus on G-Funk and Gangsta rap.

The 16-track compilation features a diverse lineup of artists, including T’ Dog, Terror Dome, Lil T, V.O.S., Shaboodah, Indo, Tre’, Mr. Jones & The Underboss, Lil J & Big Dank, Chalcedony & Sapphire, Str8t Blue Gangsta Loc, King Jack, J-Mac, and Family Thugs. These talented rappers come together to deliver an authentic and engaging hip-hop experience that captures the essence of the late ’90s music scene.

The album’s production boasts an array of skillful producers, such as Ardell Allen, Carlos “Big Wolf” Jones, ROE, Myron, O.G. Gruv, Shorty P, Steve Kirkland, and Tony Anthony. Their combined efforts create a cohesive and dynamic sound that highlights the unique talents of each featured artist.

“Recognize Where The Funk Lyes: We Got’Em All” explores various themes and topics, such as hustling, living in a fantasy, shedding tears, serving, and life in poverty. The compilation offers listeners a glimpse into the lives and experiences of these Little Rock artists, with tracks that showcase both their lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

This compilation album is a testament to the talent and passion of Tha Kompound and their impact on the hip-hop scene in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their unique sound and raw storytelling make for an engaging and memorable listening experience that continues to resonate with fans of G-Funk and Gangsta rap.



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