Tha Hitmen – Here Come Tha Hitmen


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1 In Tha House 00:49
2 Here Come Tha Hitmen – Street 04:19
3 J.O.E. 03:28
4 Pookies Drunk-A-Pella 00:50
5 1-4-The Road 03:12
6 Everybody’s Talkin ‘Bout They Nine 03:40
7 Sho Gettin Ruff 03:42
8 Finger On The Trigger 04:05
9 The 911 01:42
10 This Type Of Shit 03:47
11 3 Funky Hitmen 03:44
12 Here Come Tha Hitmen – Radio Version 04:19


“Here Come Tha Hitmen” is the only studio album by the Compton-based rap group Tha Hitmen, released in 1993 under Psychotic Records. This unique collection of tracks demonstrates the group’s raw talent and ability to produce a fusion of hard-hitting lyrics and infectious beats.

The 12-track album opens with “In Tha House,” setting the tone for the rest of the project with its dynamic energy. The title track, “Here Come Tha Hitmen,” showcases the group’s powerful presence and highlights their storytelling prowess. Joe Cooley’s solo contribution, “J.O.E.,” adds another layer of depth to the album, offering listeners a glimpse into his individual style.

Pookie Duke’s “Pookies Drunk-A-Pella” and “1-4-The Road” deliver an exciting blend of rap and humor, while Rodney O & Joe Cooley’s “Everybody’s Talkin ‘Bout They Nine” is a gritty anthem that tackles the harsh realities of street life. “Sho Gettin Ruff,” “Finger On The Trigger,” and “The 911” further emphasize Tha Hitmen’s ability to create captivating gangsta rap narratives.

The album closes with “3 Funky Hitmen” and the radio version of “Here Come Tha Hitmen,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of the group’s impressive talent. Sadly, Pookie Duke, one of the group’s members, passed away in November 2017, making this album a testament to his contribution to the hip-hop scene.

“Here Come Tha Hitmen” is a must-listen for fans of early ’90s West Coast rap, offering a captivating blend of hard-hitting lyrics, powerful storytelling, and unforgettable beats.



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