Taje – Hot Box – The Second Hit


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1 Intro 01:38
2 Still Dumpin’ 04:24
Featuring – Chevy Jones
3 Misunderstood 05:03
4 Get It Gang 04:08
Featuring – Bad News, Ace
5 Butterfly Effect 03:41
Featuring – Mike Anthony
6 Shots Fired 03:13
7 Jump Back 03:28
Featuring – K-Boy, Lil Bam, Bangloose, Marleik
8 Houseshoes 04:05
9 Chips 02:23
10 It’s You 03:50
11 Why You Trippin’ 02:55
Featuring – T.K.
12 Win Or Lose 04:19
Featuring – Mopreme Shakur
13 The Truth 03:53
Featuring – Bishop Lamont, Treck Life, DJ Rhettmatic
14 Momma Taught Me That 03:37
15 Way 03:12
Featuring – G Money
16 Bendin Cornaz 03:49
17 Last Dragon 03:30
Featuring – Indee, Mykestro
18 Walk On The Moon 04:09
Featuring – Noni Spit, Chevy Jones
19 Care In The World 04:44
20 All Me 04:40
Featuring – Dae One, Mike Anthony
21 Outro 01:57


“Hot Box – The Second Hit” is a mixtape by Los Angeles-based rapper Taje, released on September 18, 2007, under L.N.S. Entertainment. This mixtape features an impressive line-up of guest artists, including Chevy Jones, Bad News, Ace, Mike Anthony, K-Boy, Lil Bam, Bangloose, Marleik, T.K., Mopreme Shakur, Bishop Lamont, Treck Life, DJ Rhettmatic, G Money, Indee, Mykestro, Noni Spit, and Dae One. With its diverse range of features and an assortment of talented producers, the mixtape showcases Taje’s versatility and unique style.

The mixtape starts with an intro, setting the stage for the dynamic tracks that follow. “Still Dumpin,” featuring Chevy Jones and produced by Diverse, kicks off the project with a powerful beat and memorable verses. The mixtape continues with “Misunderstood,” a thought-provoking track produced by Dae One, followed by the catchy “Get It Gang” with Ace and Bad News, produced by Dame Taylor.

“Butterfly Effect,” featuring Mike Anthony, and “Shots Fired,” produced by DJ Khalil, demonstrate Taje’s ability to address various themes and emotions in his music. “Jump Back,” a collaboration with Bangloose, K-Boy, Lil Bam, and Marleik, showcases the chemistry between the artists, while tracks like “House Shoes” and “Chips,” both produced by Dae One, keep the mixtape’s momentum going.

Standout tracks include “Win or Lose,” featuring Mopreme Shakur and produced by Black Milk, and “The Truth,” a powerful collaboration with Bishop Lamont, DJ Rhettmatic, and Trek Life, produced by Dae One and Diverse. The mixtape concludes with “Outro,” hosted by DJ Warrior, leaving listeners wanting more.

“Hot Box – The Second Hit” is a testament to Taje’s talent as a rapper and his ability to work with various artists and producers, offering a unique and engaging listening experience for fans of hip-hop.



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