Swiss – Late-Nite-Creeper


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1 Ti-Dow 00:45
2 Late-Nite-Creeper 04:40
Featuring – Chilee Powdah
3 Dis-Here (Remix) 04:04
4 My Hood 04:26
Featuring – Chilee Powdah
5 I Want Cheez 04:28
6 Rebel Returns 03:56
Featuring – Bizzy B
7 Rise 03:47
8 Try Me 02:08
9 The Awakening 00:45
10 F*** Y’all 03:45
11 For My People 04:53
12 Mission Impossible 03:46
13 Y Must It Be 04:24
14 Family Affair 04:27
Featuring – Makareleous


“Late-Nite-Creeper” is the second studio album by Fairfield, California rapper Swiss. Released in 1999 under Hole-N-1 Records, this album showcases Swiss’s signature Gangsta and G-Funk styles, giving fans a taste of his unique sound and storytelling abilities.

The album begins with “Ti-Dow,” an intro that sets the stage for the tracks that follow. “Late-Nite-Creeper,” the album’s namesake, features Chilee Powdah and delivers a smooth, groovy beat. Other standout tracks include “Dis-Here,” “My Hood,” and “I Want Cheez,” which highlight Swiss’s lyrical prowess and distinctive style.

Swiss collaborates with various artists throughout the album, such as Chilee Powdah on “My Hood” and Bizzy B on “Rebel Returns.” The album also includes “Family Affair,” a collaboration with Makareleous, demonstrating Swiss’s ability to work with other talents and create dynamic tracks.

From introspective tracks like “Y Must It Be” to the more aggressive “Fuck Ya’ll,” “Late-Nite-Creeper” offers a diverse listening experience for fans of Swiss’s music. The album captures the essence of Swiss’s style, and solidifies his place as an influential rapper in the Gangsta and G-Funk genres.



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